How to make retail sales a win/win for your team and your spa or massage practice


Are you concerned that opportunities for retail sales are being left on the table because your spa and massage practice team just aren’t enthusiastic enough about selling or lack confidence?  Considering retail sales can greatly impact your bottom line and are a good hedge against a decline in client visits, you don’t want to accept the status quo.

It may be that your team doesn’t understand that retail sales aren’t just “nice to have” but actually a significant part of your profitability. If so, it’s time to talk. Explain to them individually or in a team session why retail sales matter and how they impact growth and that affects everyone. When they understand how much stands to be gained, they may get more fired up.

It’s also possible they don’t know how to approach sales at your spa or massage practice. It takes prescriptive selling, which means your staff needs to learn ask questions. Asking question such as “how does this product feel” or “do you enjoy the fragrance” can start a conversation that ends with suggestions for products for home care.

Conduct training to help your team to help them become more comfortable with prescriptive sales.  Try role playing and have someone act as the client. Create scripts for team members so they are sure to emphasize key product points. Make the situations as real as possible, including selling to a range of clients from someone looking for advice to someone who is more aloof. As part of the role playing, the team should go through the various different sales scenarios – selling during a treatment, at the front desk when a client is settling their bill or at the retail center. Try videotaping the training sessions so staff can see how they are coming across to a client in terms of enthusiasm and credibility

You also may want to bring I a retail sales consultant who can guide your team on asking questions that lead to results. And encourage everyone to express any concerns they have about the sales role so you can make suggestions to overcome their trepidation.

Boost sales with a bonus

Who doesn’t like a reward? Even with training and encouragement, your team will feel even more committed when there is a financial incentive tied to performance. Provide additional compensation for retail sales. Compensation can be a commission for sales based on gross profit. Or offer a bonus for reaching a sales target.

Contests are another way to reward employees for retail sales. Put together a selection of prizes that can range anywhere from a weekend away to a mobile device (maybe a Smartwatch) or a dinner out at one of the finest restaurants in town. Ask your team what they would like to see on the prize list.  Contests can run for a set period of time or tie them to a special holiday promotion. Award prizes based on most sales or greatest percent increase over a period of time so that your top salesperson doesn’t always take home the prize.

Whatever you decide to do to compensate your team, develop a retail sales plan for each employee and provide very clear goals. Monitor performance and provide feedback. Someone may need additional training so make sure that they get what they need to be successful. Acknowledge employees when they meet their goal.

Selling doesn’t come naturally to everyone but everyone can get on board with the right training, encouragement and rewards.


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