Promote wellness in your holiday marketing

The holidays may be a time of indulgence but right after consumers will once again focus on wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Wellness was one of the main trends for spas and the massage industry as we entered 2018 and there’s no reason to assume this trend won’t continue. At the same time, consumers increasingly want treatments and products that meet their specific needs.

You’ll want to make sure that your marketing for the holiday season incorporates these key messages about wellness and customization. This applies not only to treatments for clients but also for those who are purchasing offerings from your spa and massage practice for gift giving.

CBD Oil top of mind among wellness-minded consumers

As part of this year’s holiday sales, it’s quite likely that you’ll be asked questions about CBD Oil and its impact on health.  CBD Oil It’s enjoying a great deal of popularity because it has the unique characteristic of being both a natural and yet state-of-the-art ingredient for managing pain. CBD or Cannabidiol is a cannabis compound. While not new, CBD has over the past few years emerged as a therapeutic agent in a number of medical conditions because of its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effect on the body

We can help you meet client’s needs with our new BIOTONE Lab + Blends product line, including CBD Massage Cream and CBD Massage Balm for use in professional treatment clinics and CBD Pain Relief Maximum Strength Cream, CBD Daily Dose Oral Tincture and CBD Pain Salve Rapid Action Relief for at-home use.

Make sure your message is heard

Here are some tips to boost your marketing to make sure your holiday messages about wellness and health and customized care are heard:

Update your website: Add some holiday messages to your site to let your spa and massage business customers know you are ready for the holiday season with massages and skin treatments customized for client health and wellness needs.  Also suggest that clients confer with you about gifting friends and family treatments and retail products that suit their particular skin and pain problems.

Suggest gift giving ideas: Create a list of spa and massage services or retail items to post on social media channels – Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest and your blog – to help shoppers with gift giving ideas.

Promote gift certificates: Create an email marketing piece – with a captivating headline about health and wellness in the New Year- promoting gift certificates with a link to a landing page on your website where buyers can purchase certificates to send to friends and family.

Co market: Partner with another local business to increase awareness for your spa or massage business over the holidays. Consider a health club where you offer their members a special holiday discount and you do the same to promote the message about wellness.

Hold a VIP shopping day: Hold a special shopping day or evening for special customers. Serve refreshments and let your customers spend time perusing your retail items, getting information on new spa and massage treatments that meet their particular wellness needs and booking treatments for early 2019.

Be the partner your clients turn as part of their efforts for a more healthful life.  Make health and wellness a key message for the holidays and through the entire New Year.

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