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Education to advance massage therapy has always been one of the pillars of BIOTONE’s corporate philosophy. Over the years, we’ve worked closely with massage therapy schools through our BIOTONE Edu-Partner program to help schools raise their visibility among future students and supported continuing education programs through partnerships with professional organizations such as the Massage Therapy Foundation (MTF) and the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation (COMTA).

Through our years supporting massage therapist education, we know that listening to professionals speak on bodywork industry and career topics, in addition to in-class instruction, is of great value to students as they prepare for their careers.  Licensed professionals also want to hear what industry experts have to say as they advance their careers. Pre-COVID-19, massage therapy school students, and practicing massage therapists (MTs) could attend industry tradeshows, seminars, roundtables, and other events to listen and learn from professionals. However, COVID-19 shutdowns ended “live” industry get-togethers.

EDU-TALK launches

In response to the need to learn from professionals in the field, in July, we launched the EDU-TALK Series. Our newest education program is focused on educating the massage therapist community about issues that will help them advance their careers. BIOTONE's EDU-TALK Series is 30-minute ZOOM presentations feature massage industry experts sharing their knowledge and expertise on career growth and professional success. EDU-TALK Series are for massage schools, students, and licensed massage therapists.

The on-going EDU-TALK Series is free. EDU-TALKs are recorded and archived on for access anytime.

Past talks include:

  • How to kick-start marketing while still in school
  • Listen to the body with your hands
  • Essential Documentation for Professional Practice
  • The Body Blueprint, a reminder pain is a messenger
  • Lymphatic Balancing

Upcoming topics in September and October are:

  • Ethics Part 1
  • Tips for buying LIFT Tables
  • Consider adding Retail

The RSVP for Ethics Part 1 is available now. RSVP HERE.

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