Biotone EDU-Talks Series

Biotone Presents EDU-Talks Series

Schools, Students and LMTs, you’re invited to the new EDU-TALK SERIES of quick, 20-30 minute informative Zoom calls presented by BIOTONE EDU-Partner program and massage industry experts. Listen and learn as experts share their professional knowledge for career success.

Douglas Nelson

Strengthening the Future of the Massage Therapy Profession through Research

Douglas Nelson, LMT, BCTMB -MTF President

Massage therapy research helps to create a shift in the health care conversation, often changing the discussion from whether massage therapy is helpful to when and how best to apply massage. Each study is but one brick in the wall of knowledge for our field. Expanding the depth of published research will strengthen our profession for generations to come.

A massage therapist for 40+ years, Doug is President of BodyWork Associates, a clinic in Champaign, IL, with three locations and a staff of 20+ therapists. His teaching institute, NMT MidWest, provides about 100 trainings annually in Precision Neuromuscular Therapy. He has taught more than 13,000 hours of continuing education and is the author of three books and a recipient of numerous awards in his field.

Paige Costello

Self Care Tips and Techniques using Percussion Massage

Paige Costello

Enhance your selfcare wellness experience with percussion massage! Discover easy to perform, wellness practices to integrate into your daily routine, helping you move better, feel better and extend the benefits to client care.

Paige is on the Business Development team at Hyperice, a manufacturer of hand-held massage devices. Day to day she focuses on working within the Massage/Spa/Hospitality industries to provide wellness solutions that integrate into high end hotels, spas and massge franchises for employees selfcare and client wellbeing.

Anita Shannon

“Get Sucked In” Integrating Vacuum Cups Into Your Practice

Anita Shannon

Discover versatile techniques using vacuum cups that mimic massage movements ranging from deep tissue and myofascial release to the light pumping movements of lymphatic drainage. Used regularly, the cumulative effects of integrating vacuum cups into client treatments is terrific approach to promote significant changes in a multitude of conditions.

Anita Shannon appears at national conventions and presents workshops on ACE Massage Cupping™ and MediCupping™ since developing these brands of bodywork in 2002. She has published numerous articles and comprehensive educational videos on vacuum manual therapies and was inducted into the Massage Therapy Hall of Fame in 2011.

Nathan Nordstrom

Take on Challenges With Confidence

Nathan Nordstrom

Today, we face new challenges daily. How can we be confident we made teh correct decision, and how can we keep from making the same mistake twice? Let's go through the steps for success in our career and personal ife to avoid doubt, fear and regret?

Nathan Nordstrom is the founding director of Educated Touch ( and provides training for massage therapists. He has served on various massage organizations boards, including Massage Therapy Foundation and the American Massage Therapy Association. He's been a licensed massage therapis since 2001. Nathan is currently the National Director of Massage Therapy Training for Hand & Stone Franchise Company.

Kelli Lene

Wellness and Massage Industry Trends

Kelli Lene

In times of great challenge comes opportunities to innovate. Learn simple but profound ways to establish yourself as part of the client's wellness team by integrating modalities that enhance therapeutic value. These enhancements allow the therapist to transform their massage sessions into a wellness experience and provides the sense of wellbeing people are increasingly seeking.

Kelli Lene is the founder of Time Well Spent, a consulting and professional development company primarily serving the wellness industry. As a massage therapist and industry expert of 30 years, she has had the opportunity to work with a diverse array of industry stakeholders including schools, manufacturers, spas, conferences, wellness programs and therapy centers.

Jane Irving

CBD Massage 101: Getting Started!

Jane Irving

What is CBD and why add CBD massage to your practice? Jane Irving discusses the benefits, the contraindications and how Cannabidiols interact the body's endocannabinoid system. Includes 2 CBD massage protocols!

Jane Irving is the creator and founder of My Learning Library, a quality driven, online continuing education, distance learning website. Jane has over 30 years as a practicing massage therapist and 12 years working directly with massage educators to provide a platform for easy access learning 24/7.

Laura Allen and Cherie Sohnen-Moe

Ethical Practice Management

Laura Allen & Cherie Sohnen-Moe

We all want to run ethical practices, yet not every issue is black and white. Cherie and Laura discuss the key ethical concerns including confidentiality, social media etiquette and gift certificates.

Dr. Kerry D'Ambrogio, D.O.M., A.P., P.T., D.O.-M.T.P.

Total Body Balancing

Dr. Kerry D'Ambrogio, D.O.M., A.P., P.T., D.O.-M.T.P.

A reminder of how important it is to look at the influence of the total body on the local orthopedic complaints of your clients. Dr. Kerry uses a case study of an injured right shoulder to review what a shoulder needs to heal, the total body influences on this shoulder and explain total body balancing.

EDU-Talk presented by Cherie Sohnen-Moe

Consider Adding Retail to Your Practice

Cherie Sohnen-Moe

Retailing is a great way to add more to your revenues. Product sales add value to your sessions, extend at-home benefits, and increase your bottom line. Cherie discusses, as a first step, what's involved in retailing and how to select appropriate products to sell.

Jessica Wadley

Safety Best Practices In A COVID Era

Jessica Wadley

Jessica Wadley, VP of Integrative Health and Wellness at Oakworks Inc, shares safety best practices in a COVID era adopted from the healthcare industry. Inexpensive tips and tricks to protect yourself, your clients and equipment.

Laura Allen and Cherie Sohnen-Moe

Create Healthy Boundaries in School

Laura Allen & Cherie Sohnen-Moe

Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries while you are in school can be challenging. Cherie Sohnen-Moe and Laura Allen review dual relationships, best practices for working on family and friends, and how to develop clear boundary policies.

Dr. Kerry D'Ambrogio, D.O.M., A.P., P.T., D.O.-M.T.P.

Lymphatic Balancing

Dr. Kerry D'Ambrogio, D.O.M., A.P., P.T., D.O.-M.T.P.

A reminder of how important the lymphatic system is to the health and homeostasis of the clients. Dr. Kerry uses a case study of an injured right knee to review what a knee needs to heal, the lymphatic drainage pathway for the knee, barriers to this pathway and explains Lymphatic Balancing.

EDU-Talk presented by Cherie Sohnen-Moe

How to Kick-Start Marketing While You're Still in School

Speaker: Cherie Sohnen-Moe

Cherie is a business coach, author of Business Mastery, co-author of The Ethics of Touch and Retail Mastery, 2012 Massage Therapy Hall of Fame Inductee, an international workshop leader and Past-President of The Alliance for Massage Therapy Education (AFMTE).

Don't wait till you graduate to start building your practice! Cherie discusses ways to develop and implement successful marketing strategies so that you'll have clients waiting for appointment when you open your practice!

EDU-Talk presented by Melinda Naye

Listen To The Body With Your Hands

Speaker: Melinda Naye, BS, CMT, CS-D

From Auburn, CA; massage therapist since 1993 and practicing CranioSacral Therapy since 1998. She is an Upledger Diplomate certified CranioSacral Therapist and Instructor, teaching CranioSacral Therapy worldwide.

CranioSacral therapy techniques use an exceptionally light touch that can detect restrictions in the body that, when released, are often the key to helping a client feel better. Melinda walks us through an exercise that demonstrates how you can begin to transform your hands into listening devices of the body's innate inner wisdom!

EDU-Talk presented by Susan Salvo

Essential Documentation for Professional Practice

Speaker: Dr. Susan Salvo

Author, researcher, explorer, perpetual studen, and instructor at the Louisiana Institute of Massage Therapy with over 35 years of professional experience. Susan's students have nicknamed her the "Yoda of Massage."

She presents quick, effective documentation methods for clinical, wellness and private practice settings, allowing you more time for client care.

EDU-Talk presented by Jodi Scholes

The Body Blueprint, a reminder Pain is the messenger

Speaker: Jodi Scholes

Therapist, Educator, Speaker and Author of Body Blueprint, How Your Pain Tells A Strong. Jodi will present the Body Blueprint at TEDxSquareMile in London, England October 2020.

In this recorded EDU-Talk, Jodi reveals how chronic pain is often rooted in mental or emotional traumas. She'll focus on common pain patterns in the low back, shoulders and knees. Hear Jodi here first!