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Signs Massage Therapy May Improve ADHD Symptoms

A review of research on massage therapy for young people with ADHD indicates that massage might improve symptoms, reports Massage Magazine. Eleven studies were reviewed. Eight were randomized controlled trials and three case-series clinical trials. The three case-series clinical trials used Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Of the eight randomized controlled trials, four compared TCM massage to treatment with methylphenidate (sold under such brand names as Ritalin or Concerta). Two others compared a standard Western massage protocol to a wait-list control group and relaxation therapy. Another compared individualized Western massage to exercise therapy and a wait-list control group. And a final compared a standard TCM massage protocol combined with sensory integration training to sensory integration training alone.

The severity of ADHD was the main study measure. The research indicated that TCM massage was more effective in improving ADHD symptoms than methylphenidate and that Western massage was more effective than exercise therapy, relaxation therapy and no intervention. However, the authors of the review also found poor methodological quality in the studies, suggesting more research is needed. Read More.

MT Students Volunteer Services for Pan-Mass Challenge

News@Northeastern reports that On August 3-4, students from Northeastern University’s Physical Therapy Dept. volunteered to provide massages for the bikers participating in the Pan-Mass Challenge, a bike race for cancer research. This is the 10th year that Northeastern PT students have offered their assistance. An assistant clinical professor who coordinates the volunteer efforts said that working a range of people and using different techniques does a lot to build student confidence. Each student works on about 24 riders for a 15-minute time slot. Students allocate their time based on the rider’s individual needs. Read more.

Why Consider a CBD Oil Massage features a piece on the benefits of a CBD oil massage for mind and body. The author writes that CBD now is considered a natural health asset and that “Quality CBD products including massage oils have been shown to help accelerate body and mind recovery as well as healing impacts.“ The benefits of CBD oil massage noted include: reduction in chronic pain, decrease in inflammation, increase in blood circulation, and elimination of stress and anxiety. Read more.

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