A Winning Recipe for Creating Great Content: Essential Ingredients


Content continues to be a very effective way to build engagement with your clients. The more your posts, images, and videos are liked and shared online, the more you build your reputation and attract clients. But keeping content fresh, relevant, interesting and entertaining requires planning and strategy. You’re busy and you don’t want to spend time creating content that doesn’t get traction with followers. Here are seven “ingredients” you’ll want to use to create great content to market your spa or massage practice.

Show your expertise: You’ve got a lot of experience under your belt when it comes to massage or skin care treatments. Leverage it in your social and blog posts. If you are talking about therapeutic massage, include anecdotes about treating clients. You also will want to explain why you recommend certain treatments over others based on your years offering touch therapy.

Address readers concerns: Review the comments on your social channels to find out what your audience is concerned about. Check out your competitors’ sites to see what people are saying there, as well. Make a list of all the issues and concerns that come up and put together a calendar to write posts that address these issues over time, adding your perspective, industry information and news relative to the topic.

Make content actionable: To be most effective, your followers should be able to act on the content you provide. For example, if you are talking about skin hydration, include in your content a list of actionable steps followers can take at home to keep skin hydrated overnight, including using recommended lotions to use, turning on a humidifier in the room, applying foot cream and wearing socks, and so on.

Include images: If you wonder how important images are to your content, consider the following from Brain Rules: “We are incredible at remembering pictures. Hear a piece of information, and three days later you'll remember 10% of it. Add a picture and you'll remember 65%.” Make sure your content includes images that reinforce your message.

Write captivating headlines: Create headlines that grab readers’ attention and motivate them to click and read your post. Power words include top, best, better, essential, useful, popular, how to, innovative, promising, timely and so forth. (You can find lists of proven power words on the Web.)

Go behind the scenes: Connect with your audience by sharing information about your business. You can talk about some of the day-to-day things that happen at your spa or massage practice. If you attend a seminar, share information about what you learned. When you attend a trade show, take pictures of the latest products and share them with your followers.

Curate other articles: Leverage other content from the Web by sharing a link or posting an excerpt from an article. You may want to add your own opinion to the excerpt. Sharing information and adding your viewpoint, shows that you are plugged into the industry.

Clients continue to look for resources to educate, entertain and enlighten them about healthy living and looking their best. With great content, you can be one of their go-to resources.

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