5 tips for marketing your spa or massage practice on a shoestring

Even if you have a healthy client roster, you don’t want to put marketing activities on the back burner. After all, market conditions change.  New competition may come into the area. Existing competitors may decide to step up their marketing activities and your clients may be in their sites.  And the needs of clients may evolve and they may not be aware of all the services you offer because you haven’t been continually reaching out to them with marketing messages about your services, therapeutic massage, sports massage, aromatherapy massage  and more

All that said, you don’t have to break the bank to boost your marketing. There are cost-effective ways to make sure that your spa or massage practice has visibility in your community. Now is a good time to consider these activities to ensure steady traffic through your door throughout the New Year. 

Window dressing: Don’t pass up the opportunity to attract clients with a highly captivating window display.  Start by picking a theme but be different. Don’t settle for the usual messages about spas and massage therapy.  Think about your clientele and come up with a theme that will appeal to them. For example, millennials seek experience. Use your window display to convey the experience of a type of massage therapy or skin treatment.  Be bold with your colors and copy. Keep in mind that lighting can make a major difference, so experiment with different lighting to make sure you get the results you want.  Finally, update your window display often.

Use case studies:  Third party endorsements are golden. Ask satisfied clients if you can write up a case study about how you helped them solve a problem – dry skin condition or muscle and joint aches.  The case studies don’t need to be long but they should clearly identify the problem and your solution with a few quotes from the client.  Add case studies to your website and promote them through social media.

Ask for referrals: Don’t hold back from asking your clients about referrals.  Most satisfied clients will be more than happy to send potential business your way. They just need to know that you are seeking to add more clients and will be more than happy to provide referrals.  Also make sure that clients go to Yelp and other online review sites and leave your business a glowing review.

Guest blog:  Look for guest blog opportunities with business associates who blog or industry blogs that accept contributed pieces.  Use the blog to showcase your expertise. Once the blog is published, make sure to provide links on your social sites. If you send out emails to promote services and offer specials on treatments, include a mention of your published post with the link.

Participate in industry forums: Join industry forums or participate in LinkedIn and other industry online groups and respond to questions with your expertise. When you make meaningful contributions, you capture the attention of others who may need your services or be in a position to recommend you to others.

You don’t need to spend a lot of money to market your business. Try some of these recommendations and see how you can raise the visibility of your spa or massage traffic and attract new clients.

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