Five Steps to Becoming More Optimistic


Are some people just born with a more positive outlook on life?  Maybe it’s a matter of nature and nurture. Whatever the cause, there is no question some people see the glass as half-full most of the time rather than half empty. While being too optimistic may catch you off guard when life’s inevitable negative circumstances arise, there are more pluses than minuses when you go through life expecting that things will turn out. A generally optimistic outlook on life gives one confidence to take more risks is open to change, seek challenges and deal with disappointments.

The good news is that you cultivate a greater sense of optimism about your life, running your business, your social interactions with others, and the list goes one. While just making up your mind to “try and see the bright side” is a start, you can take more proactive steps to change your outlook.

Take control

You may be pessimistic about something because you feel you have no control over it. The fact is you do have control. Even if you decide to walk away from a situation that no longer seems suitable for you personally or your spa or massage practice, or you determine you have to give more than you’ll get, you’ve taken control. The more in control you are, the more positive you feel about yourself.

Find the good

No matter what the situation is, find something good about it, which applies to people. You don’t need to be a Pollyanna about the situation, but if you focus on the good, you won’t let negative feelings hinder your performance.  Consider how a client's complaint about a therapeutic massage that didn’t achieve the desired results can cast a cloud over your day. However, if you view the complaint as an opportunity to learn, something good can come from the experience.

Take a walk down memory lane

If you feel low, remind yourself of a pleasant experience in your past – maybe one in which you proudly succeeded at something. Going back to a special time in your life puts you in a good mood, which boosts your optimism.

Turn off negative influences

As much as you may want to keep up on the current state of affairs, the news can bring you down. Take a break from world affairs and other negative influences (that includes negative people) to focus on the positive things going on in your life.

Be present

Be as present in your life and work as much as possible. Don’t cloud the moment at hand with thoughts of the past, especially negative ones. When you are with clients, your entire focus should be on them. When you are in the moment, the problems you have will go away, and you’ll have more energy.

By being optimistic, you’ll find you are more satisfied with your life. You’ll also find you attract more people who want to be around someone with an upbeat attitude.

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