How to Market your Spa and Massage Services to Millennials


She’s Hollywood’s new It girl. Jennifer Lawrence, with all her charming facial expressions, candid comments, and super talent, is, according to ABC News, poised to become an icon. That may seem like a pretty heady achievement for a 22-year old, but among her generation, it may be business as usual. That’s because Lawrence, like her Millennial Generation peers, does not lack confidence.


Born between 1977 and 1998, the Millennial Generation has been raised in what one marketer called “the most child-centric period in our history. While that may be the cause of their confidence, mobile devices are the enablers of their independence. Also called Generation C for ‘connected,’ millennials not only entered the world with a birth certificate; they came complete with an online presence established by mom and dad.


Whatever you call this generation - Millennial, C, and also Y – many of them may very well be the next new customer at your spa or massage business. Understanding them and how to market to them will become increasingly important to your business.


Know what motivates Millennials

Consumer research firm Scarborough offers some interesting insight into the Millennials when it comes to making purchases. Among them:


    • 65% of millennials like to compare prices across different sites before purchasing


    • 34% say going online is one of their favorite things to do in their free time


    • 51% agree that being able to customize an item makes them more likely to purchase


    • 45% are willing to pay more for a product that’s consistent with the image they’re trying to convey


    • 47% are willing to pay more for an environmentally safe product


  • 32% are more likely to agree they’re influenced by what’s hot and what’s not


Make Sure Marketing Efforts Connect:

Based on these characteristics, when you’re marketing to Millennials, focus on the following:


Get Social

I’ve talked a lot about Facebook and Twitter as part of your marketing. If you aren’t a part of the social media scene, you’ll need to connect with this group. Your spa or massage business needs to be present on social media channels and reach out to millennials to let them know what you and your business are about. Start a conversation and keep it going.


Employ Technology

Think video to reach this audience. Create videos of your spa and massage treatments and include information on the use of retail products at home.


Convey Value

The messaging you use in your marketing materials and your social engagement should convey both living well and exceptional value for the money. To that end, you also may want to include special offers and discounts to attract your first-time millennial clients.


Showcase your Community Involvement

Millennials have a social conscience. Showcase your involvement with community programs and volunteerism as part of your marketing outreach.


Employ Technology

Make sure your website is optimized for mobile or consider a mobile app. This is the always-on generation. Don’t miss out because they can’t find you when they check their smartphone. Also, consider location-based marketing to encourage millennials to stop in and get to know your spa or massage business.


Don’t let the millennial generation pass your spa or massage business by. Make whatever changes necessary in your marketing to make the connection.


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