Holiday gift cards can be the gift that keeps giving at your spa or massage practice


Could gift cards be the holiday gift that keeps giving to your spa or massage practice? reports that over $100 billion is spent on gift cards annually and that 72 percent of customers will spend more than the value of their card – 20 percent more on average. If you haven’t made gift cards a priority in your holiday sales plan, these statistics indicate that it might be time to do so.

One “card fits” should not be the strategy behind card sales. Gift cards should have different price points and, even better, should offer different experiences. For example, you could offer massage gift cards for an hour, 45 minutes, etc., at price points that match the time. Also, gift cards could include a massage and a wrap or exfoliation.  Offer gift cards for retail items to get new prospects into your spa or massage practice who might otherwise not have considered your services. When they come to make a purchase, use the opportunity to talk about what’s on your menu.

To make cards even more appealing, consider having different designs if your marketing budget allows. Consumers like a choice. But whatever designs you choose, use the same color and graphics as your brand to reinforce your identity.


Get the most from gift card sales

Make sure cards are visible everywhere

Display gift cards throughout your spa or massage practice. Even include signage in the windows or changing rooms.

Get the entire staff involved

Be proactive. Don’t wait for clients to ask about gift cards. Make sure your team suggests a card for holiday gift-giving, pointing out the various purchase options. Consider incentivizing staff about sales. Give a weekly prize to the employee with the most gift card sales. You could also track the sales over time and at the end of the year; give a larger prize or bonus to a team member with the most sales over the two month holiday season. 

Consider packaging

Offer specially packaged gift cards in boxes to make them ready to deliver for holiday gift-giving in person or sent by mail.

Offer them online points to the growth of online cards, which now is up to 29 percent. Cards should be available for online purchase with a message on your home page directing visitors to purchase.


Market cards for maximum exposure

  • Start your marketing effort with your current clients by making sure everyone is aware of your gift cards.
  • If you have a newsletter, make sure to include information about your gift card with a link to order online through your website or information about purchasing on-site or over the phone.
  • Create a special email campaign to promote your cards to clients and prospects.
  • Explore co-marketing with health providers, health clubs, and gyms.
  • Extend marketing beyond clients to their friends, families, and business associates. Hold a special event at your spa or massage practice to introduce your services and promote your gift cards simultaneously.
  • If you sell retail products online, offer customers an opportunity to add a gift card to their purchase.


With the popularity of gift cards, you’ll want to be sure they are on your holiday gift list.

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