get out of a rut and feel inspired again


Do you feel like you’re living in a sequel of “Groundhog Day?” It’s the 1993 movie where actors Bill Murray and Andie McDowell get stuck living one day over and over again until they finally get it right. If so, you may be in a rut, and work could be a big part of it. You might have entered the New Year with all sorts of expectations about things being different, but they seem to be the same. Some signs you may be feeling in a rut if you.

  • I used to face the new week with enthusiasm but now start dreading Monday as soon as Sunday rolls around.
  • Were someone with strong opinions but now are too ready to concede to groupthink. When you lose your enthusiasm, you may find that you don’t have the passion for fighting for what you think is the right way to approach a situation.
  • Get up each day feeling tired even if you’ve had enough sleep. Feeling drained all the time may be a sign that you’re not feeling challenged and are just settling.
  • You used to throw yourself into things with a passion, but now nothing new seems exciting. You feel like you’re on autopilot.
  • You’re not happy. You may not be unhappy, but you definitely don’t feel happy. You feel stuck, and you’re not motivated to make a change, take on a challenge or learn something new such as incorporating CBD into your massages.

If you’re experiencing any – or all – of these symptoms, you are in a rut, and it’s time to do something about it. 


Figure it out

The first thing you want to do is figure out why you are feeling this way. You may be burned out from too much work, and that could be sapping your enthusiasm. Financial issues may be wearing you down, or you seem no closer to achieving the goals you set sometime before. Just identifying what’s at the heart of your malaise might get you back on track.

Do something different

Redecorate your space or put a plan together to bring in a new client demographic. For example, maybe most of your clients are millennials dealing with too much stress at work. Think about working with more active retirees who may have more therapeutic massage needs.


Please make an effort to start meeting more people in the industry to learn how they keep their enthusiasm going. You may learn about treatments to incorporate into your practice or new ideas for marketing.  Just talking to people in the industry who are upbeat and excited about their work may reignite your passion.

Take a risk

There’s no better way to get out of a rut than by taking a risk. Think about something you’ve been afraid to do and put a plan together to tackle the new challenge. If you have been a solo practitioner, think about taking on additional staff to expand your business. If you have a day spa in one neighborhood, consider branching out to another. Take your practice “on the road” and see if you can bring massage into local corporations.

These are just some ways to get you out of your rut. In the end, it’s up to you to make the change. Make getting out of your rut your number one priority, and before too long, you’ll be back on track.


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