Hosting your own wellness event


Several months ago, I mentioned that I needed to make some changes to freshen up my menu. Based on current trends and my client’s lifestyle, I decided to replace “Spa Parties” on my menu with “Wellness Soiree’s.” I’m happy to report we have completed a few of these events with success. We have covered the topics of Harm Not - aromatherapy safety, To Sleep, Perchance to Dream- better sleep, and just recently, Spring Cleaning – detoxing for health. Our next one is After Burn- summer skin and hair care.


I think I’m really hitting my stride with these events, so I thought you might like some details about hosting your own. If you are wondering why you should do such a thing………think about client retention, marketing, and additional revenue streams.


Let’s take the Spring Cleaning Detox event as our example:

  • Time: 2 hours
  • Location: My Office
  • Refreshments: Simple Grapefruit Salad, Veggie Tray, Detox Spa Waters, Sole Water
  • Take-Home gift: Detox bath salts from a self serve Blending Bar.
  • Topics covered: Aruvedic Oil Pulling, Deep Breathing, Diet, Dry brushing, Bathing, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, and Massage. Some topics were covered briefly with a handout, while others naturally leaned toward demonstrations, and some were perfect for group participation. We practiced deep breathing, the dry brushing technique on the arms, a little reflexology, and a bit of custom blending. I wrapped it up by explaining the benefits of what I offered specifically in my treatment room to support their goals, lymphatic massage, aromatherapy massage, cupping, detox body wraps, etc. This alleviates the “I didn’t know you could do that!” syndrome. I thought I would share with you an aromatherapy massage oil recipe that I used with my participants. Those of you who custom blend already have your favorites. This is just one of mine. I chose it for its simplicity, the affordable cost, and the traditional/historical use of the oils that are easy to understand.
  • Directions:
    • Start with 2 drops each of Grapefruit, Orange, Cypress, Juniper, and Lavender.
    • I then have the participants smell it and decide what they need more of. The maximum number of drops is 10 – 12 drops of oil per oz.
    • Then add 2 oz of the unscented carrier- I like to use BIOTONE’s Clear Results Massage Oil if they want to use it as a bath oil.


If time is short or my participants want more simplicity, I offer them the option of using the pre-blended BIOTONE’s Detoxifying Customizing Complex.


Tip: Make sure you have plenty on hand for retail.


So far, the 2 hours have been good, if not a little tight for all the information being covered. When I offer the “Wellness Soirees “ on the menu, I could definitely see the events being extended to 3 and four hours, depending on additional services. The attendance at these events has doubled with each event simply by word of mouth. I have decided to keep them up as part of a developing VIP program. But that’s another installation.


I will be covering this topic of wellness events, as well as integrating aromatherapy into your treatment room and working with lifelong athletes at the World Massage Festival this month. At the very least, come by and say, Hey! I will probably be able to scrounge up some handouts for you.


Do good work, be well, and share your favorite detox recipe.

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