Give your chair massage service a boost to gain more clients


Is your chair massage practice not quite living up to your expectations? Maybe you expanded your spa or massage practice services to offer chair massage to introduce even more prospective clients to your touch therapies, especially those who might otherwise shy away from a full body massage or have budget limitations.


Chair massage has the potential to expand your marketing channels by taking your business on the road to companies who want to help their hard-working employees alleviate stress, to events, and even to trade shows. There’s nothing more crowd-pleasing at trade shows than a company that offers chair massage at their booth. However, if you feel the word isn’t out about your offering and you want to put more muscle behind your chair massage marketing, here are things you can do.


Distinguish Your Marketing Materials

Create a special website or devote a section on your spa or massage practice site to showcase your chair massage services, describing in detail what you offer and how you can work with organizations and companies. Make sure to have a call to action (CTA) encouraging visitors to call or email for more information or book in advance. Also, leverage your social media channels for outreach. Let your followers know you’ve added chair massage to your offering and point them to your new site.


Connect With Corporations

Develop a direct mail or email marketing campaign to reach the HR departments of companies in your area. (You may have to go online or call to find the right contacts.) Companies with wellness programs are good candidates. You’ll also want to network with your own personal and professional contacts. Current clients may be able to introduce your chair massage services to companies they work for.


Encourage repeat to encourage repeat business with companies by offering them a discount if they sign a contract for six months to a year. For example, if a company signs on for six months, you could give them a 10 percent discount; if they sign for a year, they discount the agreement by15 percent.


Target Trade Shows

Check your local city website or online to determine what trade shows are taking place in your city or town. Go through the list of participating companies and contact as many as you can to see if they would like to sponsor chair massage at their booth or a specially designated trade show floor site.


Explore Co-Marketing

Consider businesses that complement your spa or massage practice and explore co-marketing opportunities. For example, a local gym or health club could be a very appropriate co-marketing partner. Offer to provide chair massage at their facility regularly or a few times a month to introduce their clients to massage in exchange for placing a link to their business on your website. Also, offer to have their marketing materials on hand in your spa or massage practice about their services.


Participate In Community Events

You have lots of options when it comes to marketing your chair massage services. Explore events taking place in your community through your city’s websites and the local chamber of commerce. If you support a local charity, find out if you can add your chair massage to one of their events and offer to donate a portion of your fees.


And while you are boosting your chair massage business. Don’t ignore the opportunity to sell some of your retail products to your chair massage clients to boost your sales. You can bring along a supply of retail skin care products or pain-relieving massage products such as BIOTONE Polar Lotion, which helps heal sore joints and aching muscles.


Don’t let your chair massage business sit idle. It presents a good opportunity for incremental revenue. Put some muscle behind it.

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