Use Pinterest To Show Your Clients What Your Spa and Massage Services Can Do For Them


Around this time last year, Pinterest burst on the scene as the latest social networking craze. Not unlike other social networks, Pinterest lets you follow others, share content, and make comments. Its focus on visual imagery with users pinning images from around the web is what sets it apart.


Pinterest continues to be one of the leading social networking sites, along with Facebook and Twitter. Marketers are taking note because of Pinterest’s ability to drive traffic to other websites and make purchases. A recent study indicates that shoppers who come to retail websites from Facebook and Twitter purchase more often. However, Pinterest users spend dramatically more than $168.83 for an average order value versus $94.70 for Facebook and $70.84 for Twitter. This shows that Pinterest buyers are motivated to spend money when they find something they want.


While you may not be selling retail products online, Pinterest can help increase visitors to your website. By featuring attractive photos of your spa or massage business and its services on Pinterest boards, you invite prospective clients to spend time on your site and book an appointment.


Here are some ways to use Pinterest to help boost your online marketing:


Specific pinboards for target clients

You may have a range of clients from baby boomers to millennials to working moms and sports-minded men. Consider having Pinterest boards to appeal to the needs of each of them, featuring treatments and bodywork, along with retail products for at-home use.


Client feedback

You can do informal market research on Pinterest to get feedback from clients. Post images of treatments and retail products and ask clients for their comments. The feedback can help you better target your offerings to meet client needs and preferences.


How-to pinboards

Increasingly you are becoming a health advocate for your clients. Consider creating a special pinboard with information, including how-to videos, on skincare at home, exercise and diet, stress reduction, office ergonomics, and more.


Holiday marketing

Create a Pinterest pinboard around a time of year, holidays, or even special events, such as weddings or retirement. Showcase special treatments and include the retail products – including gift items - you recommend.


Industry trends and information

Feature a news-oriented board with information about trends and developments in massage, complementary and alternative therapies, product ingredients, and more. Use your pinboard to become a trusted resource for your clients.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Using Pinterest may be worth new business as well.

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