Seven Steps to Great Customer Service

Maintaining quality customer service doesn’t just happen. It’s something you need to work at continuously. It’s what clients expect and when customer service starts slipping, eventually clients will look elsewhere. Also, what was considered great customer service a few years ago might be different today. With everyone glued to their mobile devices, there is an increasing expectation to interact with service providers 24/7. After all, you can order from Amazon any time of the day or night, so why not be able to book a treatment with your spa or massage therapist whenever it’s convenient? Fortunately, with online booking software, clients can do just that.

But providing the convenience of online booking is just a start when it comes to great customer service. Here are some other ways to make every customer feel special and important when they interact with your spa or massage practice.

Be Responsive

Not every client is satisfied interacting with your business via the Internet. Some of them need that personal interaction that comes with a phone call. If a client calls to schedule a massage or inquire about a product, respond as soon as possible. Don’t make them wait 24 hours or longer to get back to them. To speed up the response and ensure they get your message, text them if you have permission to communicate with them over text.

Know Your Client: 

That starts by asking questions not only of new clients but checking in periodically with your regular clients. Encourage a conversation to find out more about your client’s personal preferences or changes in their health – physical or emotional - that could influence your recommended treatments. As part of checking in with clients, find out if they have concerns or issues about your service. Even a satisfied customer may be dissatisfied from time to time but reluctant to say anything.

Personalize The Experience

When you recommend a treatment or retail product, talk about how it meets a client’s specific needs or preferences. Let clients know when you are having specials that are of particular interest to them by email, text or phone. A special note from you says to clients they are top of mind.

Deal With Complaints

It’s true that you can’t please everyone, but if you pay attention to the complaint, you may be able to build a better relationship with clients rather than lose them.  If you deal with complaints, they give you a chance to discover issues in your business that need resolving so you can improve your customer service.

Follow Through

If you offer to do something, follow through. If your client mentions a product they are interested in and you offer to check into it, don’t forget. If you discuss something related to health and your client asks a question you can’t answer, promise to check into it and do. You build trust when you follow through on an offer or promise.

Train Your Staff

Customers expect your team to provide outstanding service. That means training needs to be an ongoing process focusing on everything from treatment protocols to customer service to marketing.

Be Honest

Transparency is a big issue these days. Transparency means being honest when something goes wrong and taking ownership of the problem or issue. It also means you are open to feedback and sincere about making something right that went wrong. Also, if something is changing in your spa or massage business – maybe you are planning changes in your rates or your service offerings – let the client know well in advance so there are no surprises.

Strong businesses are built on putting customers first. When you provide great customer service, you are letting your clients know you have their best interests at heart.

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