Return on Investment Sessions

Here are three current consumer trends that should be foremost in your business building radar:

  • Clients in the current economic climate are more interested than ever in value.
  • Baby boomers are not only planning on not dying, they want to look and feel good, not doing it.
  • People prefer treatments that are an investment in prevention and health.


That means that every minute and dollar they spend with us has to deliver perceived value, anesthetic component, and answer directly to their wellness goals. It also means that we need lots of tools in the toolbox that deliver on the promise and are affordable enough to offer without fanfare. That’s why I love the integrated spa. It allows me to stay focused on massage goals and deliver the rest without working too hard.


I talk a lot about how essential oils are a great tool to customize a session, and it’s true. Product selection is another easy way to add value. A specialty medium allows me to deliver more effective results while proving how invested I am in their goals. I always educate my clients about the upgraded product I am using, the primary ingredients, plus its features and benefits. An educated client is a retained client. Plus, if it benefits them in the treatment room, it is more than likely something that should go home with them. If so, then I need to make it available for them. In other words…retail.


I have quite a few people who are training for the NY marathon, dealing with arthritis, and who, in general, are working so hard to keep flexible. Right now, I am featuring the Biotone Muscle and Joint Creme. This creme features ingredients like Glucosamine and Arnica, which almost all my clients recognize. I am using it on spot treatments like hands, feet, and knees. They love the texture, and everyone has asked for a sample to try at home. I love a product that sells itself. The real bonus is that I am getting the benefits on my hands as I am using it on my clients. I can tell you first hand (no pun intended) that this product delivers on the promise.


Another big hit right now is the Polar Lotion. If you haven’t noticed, it’s hot out there. Clients especially love this product after an intense session on necks, backs, legs, and feet. I even have some pedicurists and reflexologists incorporating it into their leg and foot massages. No one can doubt the cooling and tingling effects of this product as a finish. For pennies, I have created a signature memory that separates me from the pack and brings home the fact that I am willing to go over and above for their goals.


The advantage of Polar lotion is that I can play with it a little. My trick is to mix a few drops of orange into it to liven it up. I also sometimes mix it with unscented lotion to tone it down for more sensitive applications, and I have even mixed a little in a spray bottle of distilled water and spritzed it on their feet.


Now is the time to brush up on your listening skills and start getting creative in your product selections. I promise it will make your sessions more effective and more enjoyable for you and your clients.


Take care, Do good work, and Write often.

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