The Many Reasons to Volunteer Your Services


If you live near Longmont, Colorado, you have a great opportunity to volunteer your time and showcase your skills to the community while you do it. The American Diabetes Association is looking for volunteer massage therapists to help out on August 20th for its big fundraiser, the Tour de Cure Colorado bike ride. Last year, more than 1600 riders participated in the event, which raised over $800,000.


This year, the organization is looking for massage volunteers to lend a hand between noon and 4:00 p.m. the day of the event. You are expected to bring your own equipment, but you have the opportunity to pass out business cards and solicit future clients. The contact for information is event manager Kelly Jackson, email


I’ve written several times about the value of volunteering. Of course, giving back and helping others are the main reasons. But there are benefits for a massage therapy professional when you donate your services for a cause. Exposes others to massage


Despite the enormous popularity of massage, many people are still reluctant to give it a try. When you volunteer your services at a community event, you expose new people to massage therapy benefits. That may result in more business for you. Ultimately, it all helps to advance your chosen profession.


It’s A Chance To Meet Other Professionals

More than likely, you won’t be the only massage therapist volunteering, and you have an opportunity to expand your network and meet other professionals.


You’re Part Of A Team

You probably work on your own. Volunteering at an event allows you to be part of a team, even for a short time. You can enjoy the camaraderie and collective good feeling about making a difference.


Learn Something New

Volunteering for a sports event or work with firefighters or police who’ve been on duty during an emergency can be a learning experience. They enable you to expand your skills into a new potential new treatment area.


Gain Marketing Visibility

When you volunteer, you get to showcase your skills before potential new clients. People understand that, and it doesn’t in any way mitigate the value of your contribution.


Many community events would greatly benefit from your volunteerism. You can check with your local professional massage therapy organization chapters to find out where you can offer your help. If you hear of an event coming up in your community that looks like a good opportunity to provide massage therapy, get in touch with the event managers. I expect they will greatly welcome your contribution.

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