Getting personal when marketing to clients

Personalized and powerful is the name of the game in products and services these days, especially when target customers and clients are millennials.  But even baby boomers are in on the personalization bandwagon. They want customized treatments, albeit ones generally geared to anti-aging, health and wellness.

While you may have a full complement of treatments that can be customized to meet even the most demanding client’s needs, you need to be able to let your clients and prospects know about them. Personalizing your marketing efforts therefore is changing the face of marketing and you’ll want to adjust your marketing efforts as much as possible to accommodate this change.

Know your client

Personalized marketing begins by having a good understanding of your customers. There is technology that will enable to learn about customers preferences as they interact with your spa or massage practice through the various touchpoints. If you sell retail products via your website, you can gather that data to understand what offerings clients prefer.

Data collection extends to social media platforms where clients indicate preferences by clicking on “likes,” commenting and sharing posts.  You also can learn about client interests and needs by their click-through on email links. And of course, you can track purchase history. All this data gives you a profile of your clients, individually and what marketers call persona, customers who have similar behavior patterns.

Personalizing outreach

Once you have an understanding of your client, you can personalize outreach in the following ways with today’s technology solutions.

Make emails personal: Start by using client’s name in email outreach.

Personalize the deal: Send personalized offers highlighting products and treatments that meet client’s specific needs.  You can send a discount coupon, a special bonus treatment for trying a new therapy or a free gift with a treatment.

Customize the content:  Your outreach may also include content about trends, research, new ingredients, industry news and more. Customize what you send clients based on their interests and needs. Content can encourage them to explore and ultimately try a new product or service.

Add recommendations to your site: Technology will enable you to offer products and services to clients when they visit your site.  Chat boxes can be used to offer clients live assistance if they have questions about treatments or retail offerings that are best suited to their needs.

Tailor outreach with design:  Consider images, text, or animation that goes with your email marketing. You may want to include different videos or images based on the interest of client and history of treatments booked.

Follow-up:  Always consider follow up with client interactions. Whether it’s a phone call, text or email, make sure to check in to get input that helps you better understand what clients want.

You go the distance in servicing your clients. Go the distance in reaching out to them through your marketing efforts.

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