Taking massage services on the road can boost your spa or massage practice


Looking for ways to expand your massage practice? Maybe it’s time to “take it on the road.” By offering mobile bodywork in addition to working in your own spa or clinic, you can expand your current business and raise visibility for your massage bodywork among a host of potential new clients. Some clients actually may prefer you visit them in their own home or might want to offer your massage services for an event, such as a bridal shower or birthday party, or by ‘gifting your in-home services’ to a friend or family member for a special occasion who might not be able to travel to your establishment.

When it comes to going mobile, consider what services you offer that are most portable – neck and shoulder massage are likely candidates and Pedi-treatments or a facial massage. Mobile massage services also can be are a good way to educate new clients about the other body treatments you offer at your day spa or your massage studio. In fact, you might want to offer a special discount to your first time mobile customers for a more comprehensive treatment down the road.

In addition to visiting individual clients in their homes, many companies may want to engage with your practice. Some of them already offer corporate wellness programs that include fitness, healthy workplace food choices, educational seminars on diet and weight loss, chiropractic, chair, and other physical therapies, so your business can be a perfect fit.  These same companies also may want to boost their presence at an industry event or trade show by offering complimentary neck and shoulder massages to attendees. And while you are thinking of the business market, don’t over retail businesses and pubs or cafes that might want to have you onboard for a special event.



Once you’ve decided on what you want to offer and your target market, put together a plan. It should assess the opportunity relative to the markets you’ve targeted and how you plan to market your services. In addition to updating your website to indicate your new mobile offering and incorporating messages into your social media channels, decide if you want to do email or direct marking to current clients or local business owners. You can announce your new offering in the local business press and consider some online ads placed on appropriate sites.


Mobile massage requirements

In taking your massage business mobile, clearly describe reservation and cancellation policies and pricing and payment requirements. As part of the description of your services, indicate the age requirements for clients – for example, no one under 16 unless accompanied by a parent.

You’ll probably also need special licensing and insurance to take your business mobile. Check with your city or spa licensing boards for information on mobile massage laws. You’ll also need liability insurance for your company, and if you employ independent contractors, they too will need to carry liability insurance.

Regarding equipment, depending on the type of massage service you are offering, you’ll need a portable massage table and massage table carrier, sheets, pillows, towels, and massage lubricants. You also may want to have on hand aromatherapy candles, a portable music player (or you can use your smartphone or tablet), and relaxing music.


Taking your massage practice on the road can open the door to new business and present you with a host of new exciting challenges, not to mention new vistas.

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