Nourish client skin with new Truly Coconut Massage Oil


We’re very excited to introduce Truly Coconut Massage Oil to our product portfolio of lubricants for the treatment room. We created the new natural calming, long-lasting oil with its silky texture to meet your needs for an oil that is both nourishing and yet easily absorbed into the skin. 

Truly Coconut Massage oil features highly popular organic unrefined coconut oil as well as Caprylic Capric Triglyceride (MCT or Fractionated Coconut Oil) oil to provide unsurpassed glide and a light natural aroma to help relieve client tension and aid relaxation.  A water dispersant ensures the product easily washes out of sheets and linens.

Skin-Enhancing Benefits of Organic Coconut Oil

As an ingredient in massage products, organic coconut oil is hugely popular and is particularly valuable because it conditions and moisturizes the skin without leaving an oily residue. Coconut oil’s skin enhancing benefits can be attributed to its composition of seven medium-chain fatty acids, which eliminate moisture lost through pores in the skin and so help retain the skin’s moisture content.

Three of these medium-chain fatty acids, specifically capric, caprylic and lauric, also have strong disinfectant and antimicrobial properties. When coconut oil is applied to the skin, these three fatty acids offer protection from microbial infections that can enter the body either from open wounds or even through the pores.

Coconut oil also contains Vitamin E, which inhibits free radical damage that results in wrinkles. Vitamin E boosts the production of collagen, the protein in skin that gives it strength and durability. It also helps diminish wrinkles by supporting the growth of new skin cells and speeding up cell regeneration.

The light, natural aroma of unrefined coconut oil makes it a commonly used ingredient for an aromatherapy massage to help clients relieve stress and achieve a sense of calm. This aroma is preferred by many over vanilla or lavender for relaxation.

Long shelf life of fractionated coconut oil

Fractionated coconut oil is a light carrier oil that softens and hydrates dry skin while increasing essential oil distribution. It is fraction of the coconut oil minus almost all the long-chain triglycerides, thus leaving mainly the medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), thereby making it an absolutely saturated oil. This saturation gives it a very long shelf life and greatly increased stability. In addition, fractionating raises the comparative concentration of capric acid (C8) and caprylic acid (C10), resulting in a more of antioxidant and disinfecting effect.[1] Because fractionated coconut oil is colorless and odorless, it is ideal for blending with other essential oils as it preserves and maintains their original fragrance and benefits.

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[1] Nagdeve, Meenakshi, “Fractionated Coconut Oil – Uses and Benefits,” Organic Facts, July, 2020.
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