set new year goals


In a post-holiday funk? No matter how stressful December was trying to meet your end-of-year personal goals, not to mention juggling work and holiday preparations, there’s something sad about saying goodbye to another year.


If it’s any comfort, you’re not alone feeling this way. A post-holiday funk is real, reports Harvard Business Review (HBR). It’s common for many people to think about the past year and possibly focus too much on what you failed to accomplish rather than how much you achieved. HBR recommends that to get over feelings of anxiety about what lies ahead, set goals, and lay out specific actions that will ensure the positive outcomes you want. 


Maybe this year, you’d like to focus on new personal and career goals. However, you can’t undertake all these changes at once, and that’s where prioritizing comes in.  Figuring out what to do first can be challenging, and making a move when you aren’t prepared can result in a setback, which is the last thing you want. So, take your time.


What if it all seems important?

Faced with several goals, it can be difficult to set priorities. Here are some tips for putting your priorities in place:


  • Look at the big picture: Decide what is most critical and focus on less critical priorities.


  • Be clear about purpose: When analyzing your priorities, rank them according to their potential to:

              - Improve organization

              - Accelerate growth

              - Build a strong foundation for your future


  • Set milestones: Each priority should have a set of milestones and metrics that can be reviewed and measured throughout the year.


Setting priorities and creating a plan for each one will keep you focused throughout the year.  And don’t worry if your priorities change. You should review your priorities every so often to ensure that they are still appropriate for reaching your long-term goals.


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