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Are any of your clients complaining of “foggy brain?” You know that condition when you can’t focus, and you don’t seem to have the mental acuity necessary for work and even make everyday decisions. It could be that your clients have too much on their mind to think clearly. Or they may be tired or overwhelmed by a long “to do” list.  Those clients could benefit from an aromatherapy massage featuring fennel essential oil.

While many may think of fennel – oil, seeds, or flavoring – as a kitchen staple, the aroma of fennel essential oil is revitalizing. With its spicy, peppery aroma with a licorice note, the scent of fennel is known to increase self-motivation, reduce lethargy, and boost energy levels. That explains why fennel essential oil is a popular ingredient in soaps and detergents, creams, lotions, and perfumes.

Origins of Fennel Essential Oil 

Like so many other essential oils, fennel's use goes back thousands of years when used for medicinal purposes. Pliny, the Roman author of The Naturalis Historie, believed fennel had such powerful medicinal properties that he used the herb to treat 22 different ailments, reports Our Herb Garden in the “History of Fennel.”

The ancient Greeks called the herb Marathon, which is derived from a word meaning to grow thin. The reference refers to the use of fennel as an appetite suppressant or during times of famine. Both the Romans and Greeks believed that fennel promoted strength, courage, and longevity.

The use of fennel for food and medicine spread throughout the world. Today, the herb, a perennial evergreen, while native to the Mediterranean, is found throughout Europe, Asia, India, Australia, and North America. Fennel produces flowers, fragrant leaves, and fennel seeds, from which the essential oil is extracted.

Uses of Essential Oils

While fennel essential oil revitalizes the mind; leading aromatic uses include:

  • Stimulant: It acts on the smooth muscles of the stomach and intestine to aid in the pain and discomfort of indigestion, nausea, bloating, and more.
  • Detoxification: Fennel essential oil is a natural cleanser. A massage with fennel oil flushes out toxins and other waste products from the body.
  • Respiratory problems: A chest massage with fennel essential oil can help treat bronchial congestions.
  • Skin tone: Applied fennel topically essential oil also helps to tone and beautify the skin, minimize wrinkles, and heal skin irritations.

BIOTONE offers fennel essential oil in:

Fennel essential oil blends well with Basil, Geranium, Lavender, Lemon, Rose, and Sandalwood essential oils.

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