Mixing Business with Pleasure


I often talk about the reward of getting to the point in your career when you can begin to choose whom you want to spend your time with and offering the services you prefer to perform. This has been one of my primary business goals since I decided to enter into this profession. My services, marketing/networking, and professional development have all been targeted towards the people and the things that appeal personally to me.


My first step was to explore- what I like, who I am engaged by, and what training excites my interest. My next step was to establish primary and secondary markets- who would fit the profile and be attracted by my choice of style and services. Finally, I had to get out there and start networking anywhere. I knew my dream clients were.


Over the last 20 years, my practice has evolved based on my client's needs and preferences. I never have to worry about burn out or taking my career in the right direction. There is not a day that goes by when I am not incredibly busy and feeling so very lucky. I find myself in awe that I spend my day with such incredible people who feel genuinely lucky to have me on their wellness team. I hope the same for you.


At the upcoming IECSC show in New York, I will be presenting Spa by Design - how to fine-tune your practice to successfully meet your desired target niche's needs. I will be demonstrating exactly how easy it is to upgrade basic spa and massage treatments to appeal to your dream clients.


Live Well, Do Good Work, and Write Often.

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