Build a Partnership in Client Wellness with Products that Heal


You can imagine how proud we were when Team Type 1 - a remarkable group of cyclists who ride to create awareness for diabetes fitness -- approached us to be one of their sponsors last year. We were more than happy to meet their request for Dual-Purpose Massage Creme donations to use in massage therapy for the team. We continue our sponsorship this year and have expanded donations to include Muscle & Joint Relief Therapeutic Massage Creme and Polar Lotion, our other popular sore muscle and pain relief products.



Team Type 1, if you are not familiar with the organization, was founded by Phil Sunderland and Joe Eldridge, two young men living with Type 1 diabetes. They were avid cyclists who wanted to change the perception of what is possible living with diabetes. In 2004, Sunderland and Eldridge founded Team Type 1 to inspire everyone with diabetes to control the disease. A year later, they organized a team to enter the annual nonstop 3000-mile Race Across America.


Team Type 1 has won Race Across America four times since and holds the record for the fastest trans-continental crossing in just 5 days, 9 hours, and 5 minutes! The organization has expanded to include several other athletic programs to provide hope and inspire all people affected by diabetes.


Now that we're heading into warmer weather, your clients will be gearing up for the more outdoor activity. That means more sore muscles and pain. As you can see from our partnership with Team Type 1, we have the products to help your aching clients.


Dual Purpose has earned us many industry accolades over the years for its consistency and glide as a tool for massage therapy professionals. Clients -- especially those who are sports activists -- love it because of its analgesic properties. The arnica extract, a key product ingredient, heals and relieves pain from bruises and abrasions.


Our Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Massage Creme is another product you'll want to consider. It contains the ground-breaking ingredient Glucosamine, which has been associated with the support of healthy tissue and joints. And Polar Lotion, which we specifically developed to ease overstressed muscles and quiet aching, inflamed, or sore muscles, is gaining more popularity. We find it is used a lot in sports training, physical therapy, or combined with a stretching program.