It's Always Time for Change

We couldn't let a new year get underway without introducing a new line of products. Our newest offering is Healthy Benefits, an anti-oxidant rich line of massage products. Healthy Benefits, including Oil-Free Face Massage Creme, Massage Creme, and Massage Gel, are rich in the Pomegranate, Green tea, White Grape, and Grapeseed active botanicals.


I selected these active ingredients because they fight the free radicals that cause premature aging. Undoubtedly your clients are concerned about keeping their skin healthy and young-looking. Now you can offer them a new level of skin protection and nourishment while they enjoy their relaxing, stress-relieving massage at the same time.


It should be no surprise that developing new products is my particular passion. I'm constantly thinking about combining new and different ingredients to make sure the BIOTONE family of products meets your evolving practice needs and client requirements. I've been involved with product development for as long as BIOTONE has been around, and that's nearly 30 years. There is intense satisfaction with creating something new that addresses what our customers are looking for to stay on top of their game. And even after all these years, the discovery process behind every new product development continues to excite and inspire me.


So what will you do this year to try something new for your personal and professional satisfaction? Maybe you are thinking of adding a new modality to your practice - bamboo massage or cupping. Maybe you want to try sports or work therapy massage or work with different clients, such as seniors or prenatal moms.


One simple way to invigorate your business is to refresh your treatments. Using products like our new Healthy Benefits or our Cocoa-Comfort Massage Lotion or Balm, you can expand a massage into a skin treatment as well. You also could add your own unique twist to existing skin treatment. For example, Cinnamon Cocoa Delight is one way to 'spice' up a traditional exfoliation and mud wrap.


You'll also want to get creative. Come up with a signature treatment that makes your business stand out and clients associate with you. Here are two signature treatments that give you an idea of how you can easily create something unique. Aromatherapy Scalp Treatment helps to relieve tension, nourish the scalp and give hair a healthy shine. The On Par Spa Treatment is a therapeutic sports treatment for the active man.


Get out of your routine and try something new; challenge yourself. It will change your outlook and your enthusiasm, not to mention your business.

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