Who are the Gen Zers and how to market to them?


Just when you thought you had figured out (or almost figured out) millennials and how to market your spa and massage practices services to them, here come the Gen Zers. Also known as iGens, this is the generation born between the mid-1990s and the early 2000s.

Millennials, who were considered the most digitally connected – that is, until the iGens arrived on the scene – made it clear that they value experience—the more personalized the experience, the better. You also probably know by now that reaching millennials in your spa or massage practice marketing requires using technology so that mobile apps and websites modified for mobile screens are important. Having a social media presence is equally important for reaching millennials with up-to-date information on industry news, health, and treatments. Images are important, as well.  Using Instagram and Pinterest can help to showcase your skincare or massage therapy treatment techniques visually.

Millennials have made it clear that they look for value, possibly because they came of age during the recession. That’s why “specials” and “promotions” are very effective in attracting them to your business.  But they don’t like being sold to. The best way to reach millennials is to enlighten, educate, and entertain them.


GenZ Mindset

Gen Z consumers are not unlike millennials in shopping for value, but they look for more than price. They want to know what more they will get for their money in terms of free delivery or special services.  

“In 10 Tips for Marketing to Gen Z Consumers,” Deep Patel reveals more about how to reach this new generation of consumers of goods and services.  Here are some other things to keep in mind:


They want to know what you can do to help them

Since many Gen Zers are building their own online personal brand on social media, think of them as collaborators. Help them by providing useful information, which empowers them and that they can share with their followers.


They have a short attention span

If you want them to engage with your content, whether a blog, a video, or photo, help them understand what the content is about and why they should care about it. Educate and entertain them. And make sure your message is in eight seconds or less!


They want to change the world

When selling or hiring Gen Zers, emphasize how your spa or massage practice contributes to the community's betterment or a larger global social or environmental cause.  This group wants to be part of something special.


Social is imperative

They live and thrive in online communities. Keep that in mind as you are reaching out to them. It’s not the platform that they value as much as the community of participants.


They are open-minded and want to get along with everyone

It’s not about your business is right, and others are wrong; it’s about making the world a place where everyone thrives together. Your message should be about your business is thoughtful, intelligent, and inclusive.


Gen Zers, like the millennials, are making changes in the way we communicate, not just through greater use of technology but in what we say and how we get on with each other.  Value, meeting personal needs, and bringing people together is what attracts them. Keep that in mind when you reach out to them to sell your services and products and bring them onboard your team.


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