Leave drama in the theater and keep it out of your spa or massage practice


Shakespeare said, “all the world’s a stage” Considering the drama that often takes place in organizations, you have to admit the “Bard” was on to something.  As the owner or manager of a spa or massage practice, you’ve got enough on your hands growing your business and keeping it competitive without employee drama. Workplace drama slows things down and can take time and attention away from providing outstanding customer service.

We’re all human

Let’s face it; whenever you have humans getting together, you’re going to get some conflict. People get their feelings hurt and fall prey to gossip. A little bit of complaining can help release pressure and tension from work. But if not checked, the drama gets in the way of staff performance. Instead of being completely focused on a client’s message, a team member may be distracted by conflict with another employee. If you are trying to get your staff trained on new products, such as professional CBD massage offerings, you might find them too distracted because of tension among teammates to give their full attention.

Workplace drama also can be demotivating to employees who may not be engaged in the conflict. They will wonder why management hasn’t stepped in to nip it. You may find that employees start to lose confidence in the business and leadership and may start looking at other employment options.

Bring down the curtain

Since workplace drama can impact your spa or massage practice's performance, you need to “bring the curtain down” on it immediately to keep your team focused on the business at hand. Here are some ways to diffuse the drama:

Separate the real from the imagined

In any conflict, there are two sides, and then there is the truth somewhere in between.  You’ll want to get at the heart of the matter by asking good questions and insisting on hard facts, and from there drawing factual conclusions.

Be empathetic

 Conflict often arises out of feelings of insecurity on the part of one or both parties involved. That’s why you want to try to be empathetic to an employee’s situation to bolster their self-esteem.

Make people accountable

Even before drama emerges, make sure your employees understand that they are accountable for their actions. Low-accountable people are always finding excuses for not getting things done and generally are among the first to complain.

Emphasize teamwork

No business can survive without the buy-in from the whole team. One person’s personal preference cannot get in the way of the business moving ahead. When you talk to employees, emphasize the importance of the team.

Set an example

Don’t allow yourself to fall prey to gossip or talking about an employee with another. Create opportunities within your organization to share their views about ways to improve the business and work together.

There’s a place for drama – just not in your spa or massage practice.


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