Keep employee spirits high during these final holiday days


Your spa or massage practice may be the retreat clients seek during these hectic last few weeks as the year races to the close. However, all the pressure on your staff to ensure clients' needs for relief and relaxation may be overwhelming. Rather than relishing the holiday season, staff may be feeling low and put upon.

That’s certainly not the “spirit” you want to pervade your business at this time of year. While client always needs a must; boosting staff morale also should be a priority. Here are a few things you can do to make sure staff is happy over these last days of the year.


Be flexible

Your appointment schedule may be full, but still, try to be flexible to give employees time – even a few hours if needed – to attend to personal business. Employees, just like your clients, may have last-minute shopping needs or a lunch or dinner with friends. While you need to make sure you are covered for appointments and to accommodate retail shoppers, be as flexible as possible with schedules.

Heap on the praise

You may be planning to reward your team with an end-of-year bonus check, but still recognizing an employee’s efforts during this crunch time can mean as much as money. Be generous with your praise of employees for a job well done, especially during a particularly hectic time. Let employees know that you don’t take them for granted. Their exemplary work and commitment to quality customer service contribute greatly to your spa or massage practice's success.

Maintain a fun atmosphere

Don’t let the decorations be the only thing festive around your spa or massage practice. Keep the atmosphere cheery. Bring in treats – pie, doughnuts, bagels - for the staff to enjoy during a morning coffee break.  Bring in pizza or sandwiches one day for lunch.  Have holiday music playing in the background and bring on the hot cocoa and even eggnog to provide a “warm” environment during this hectic time.

Offer compensatory time off

If employees have to work late one night, especially as New Years’ Eve approaches and clients want to come in for treatments to look and feel their best, then let employees know they can take time off at a later date. Also, be sure to be fair. What’s good for one employee is good for all.

Give thanks

No one wants to be taken for granted. Be sure to thank employees for extra time and effort to make the holidays successful at your spa or massage practice. People need to feel appreciated for their extra efforts, especially when they have personal demands on their time, too, getting ready for the holidays.

Keep the holiday spirit alive at your spa or massage practice during this demanding time by being fun and, above all, fair. That spirit will bolster your team to do their best into the New Year.

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