How to Keep First Time Spa and Massage Clients Coming Back


There’s nothing better than a referral from one of your clients. Your new client walks in the door excited about your spa or massage business services because a family member or friend sang your praises. Maybe a first-time client found you by checking Yelp or one of the other online review sites. I check Yelp a lot these days for any service providers or when I’m looking for a new restaurant to try out with friends.


But not all first-time clients are presold on you or spa treatments or massage therapy in general, for that matter. Some are there just because they got a gift certificate for a special occasion. Other times, they may be there as part of an event. Pre-wedding spa parties are popular among bridal parties these days, for example.


So how do you turn first time clients into full-time ones? You won’t always be successful, but there are some things you can do to encourage them to want to rebook.


Break the Ice

First-time clients probably have a lot of questions not only about your services but about your experience. Tell them about your background and what areas you specialize in. Describe results and how long they will last, and the benefit of repeated spa treatments and massage. You also can talk about the ingredients you like in spa or massage products and why.


Anticipate Questions

First-time clients may be uncomfortable, especially if they’ve never had a massage or body treatment before. They may want to know what they should do or if they should ‘direct you’ in any way. Explain the procedures, your goals for the session and encourage them to speak up if they are uncomfortable in any way during the session.



The more you find out about your first time client – ideally during the booking so you can prepare – you can customize treatments to their particular needs. Meeting clients’ individual needs is the name of the game these days. When you have a background on your client, you can offer tips on nutrition, exercise, ergonomics, and at-home skincare.


Incentivize them to Return

Consider giving first-time clients a discount coupon for a future session or on one of your retail products.



Don’t let your first time client forget you. Please send an email, drop them a note, or call with a thank you. Do it soon after the visit while they are still enjoying the benefits of your services. Many were probably already thinking of coming back, so you’re encouraging them to take action and rebook by reaching out.


What would you add to these suggestions to convert first-time clients to regular ones?

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