Help Make Tax Season Stress-Free for Spa and Massage Business Clients


It’s no coincidence that April is National Stress Awareness Month. Paying taxes is certainly one of life’s high-stress inducers. While you can’t help your clients deal with Uncle Sam, you can help make tax time more stress-free. A massage or muscle relaxing body treatment can help ease the tax burden.


Getting clients into your spa or massage business while preoccupied with their taxes might take some creative marketing and specially priced services. Consider building a campaign around the theme of a “Tax Break.” Here are some ideas to use to support your campaign:


Website landing page

Add a special “Tax Break” offer on your website. A special “book now” call to action can take clients to a special page where they can choose one of several special treatment offers.


Social media

Post a few tips on how to avoid stress during tax time on your social media channels – Facebook and Twitter. There are many tips online about reducing tax-time stress, such as “Six Tips for Reducing Tax-Time Stress.” You also can provide general tips on how to reduce your stress level for good health. Post a tip a day for a week with a link to the special promotion on your website.


Press release

Draft a release to send to your local paper about the benefits of massage to help cope with tax season stress. Point out the health dangers of not keeping your stress levels in check. (If you can’t write the release, there are many freelance public relations professionals you can find online who can help you with a draft and pitch the article).


Gift certificate

Create a special “tax credit” gift certificate for clients to buy and give to family members or friends to take advantage of your tax special treatments. Offer special discounts on retail products as part of your tax credit promotion.



If you have a blog, write about National Stress Awareness month, tie it in Tax Day, and provide special tips on how to ‘Keep Your Cool During Taxing Times.”


These are just some ideas to market your services to help clients and your business during tax time – after all, you too have a tax deadline.


Treatment to melt away Tension

Here’s a treatment that can help melt away tension with the April 15 deadline fast approaching: Muscle Tension Melt, an aromatherapy wrap that incorporates rhythmic movements to soothe away stress and tension.


  • 2 rubber spa bowls
  • Spa thermal blanket
  • 1 hot, moist hand towel
  1. Mix Controlled Glide Massage Creme with 15 drops Muscle Comfort Essential Oil. Warm before application.
  2. Put 10 drops Muscle Comfort Essential Oil into rubber spa bowl.
  3. Use fingertips to apply Muscle Comfort Essential Oil to energy points. (BIOTONE Energy Points reference sheet) along the body, starting at the feet and moving towards the sacrum. Hold your finger against the skin for 5-10 seconds are you apply the oil.
  4. Standing at the table's head, pull up all layers of sheets, thermal wrap, and blankets to cocoon the client.
  5. While the client is wrapped, perform relaxing rhythmic movements to stretch and prep tissues for deep tissue work
  6. Unwrap the client. Begin deep tissue massage using Controlled Glide Massage Creme.
  7. Massage a small amount of Polar Lotion to specific sore, overstressed muscles. Apply a hot, damp hand towel. Press firmly with both hands on top of the towel, holding pressure. Remove towel.
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