Help clients de-stress this holiday season


This the season…to be stressful! Ironically, at this holiday time of year, many feel more stressed out than jolly.  While the promise of getting together with friends and family, exchanging gifts, and enjoying good food and drink should raise spirits, many feel overwhelmed by all the planning, shopping, and food preparation, not to mention decorating the house inside and out.

A poll conducted by Verywell Mind, a site that guides to improve mental health and find balance, attests to holiday stress. More than 80 percent participating in the survey reported that they find the holiday season to be ‘somewhat’ or ‘very’ stressful -- stress levels associated with asking for a raise.

For many, stress is a result of doing too much, reports Verywell Mind. Trying to participate in too many fun activities can actually be stressful rather than fulfilling.  Too much togetherness can impinge on alone time, which most need to find the center and maintain balance.  Conversely, not everyone has a large extended family or circle of friends, so that the holidays can instill dread about being alone.

Mayo Clinic offers several suggestions for warding off holiday stress and what may be depression for some. Among them:


Acknowledge feelings

Someone may have experienced a loss of a loved one, so that the holidays are particularly stressful. These individuals should take time to express their feelings – even cry. Just because it’s the holidays, don’t feel pressured to be happy.

Be realistic

The holidays, like everything else in life, don’t have to be perfect. Things change, and that includes traditions among family and friends. Let things go. Accept that activities in the past may not be possible to sustain each year.

Plan ahead

Schedule time to shop, cook, meet with friends, and so forth. The more control over the activities, the less stress one feels.

Learn to say no

Don’t feel compelled to say yes to every invitation to do something.

Reach out

Those who are alone or feeling lonely should reach out and seek community, religious, or other social activities where they can find friendship and support.


Stay healthy

Of course, above all, making sure to stay healthy during the holidays will help cope with stress. Here’s where your spa or massage practice comes in. You may be the sounding board clients need to talk about their feeling during this stressful time of year. Recommend some of the suggestions offered by Mayo for a stress-free holiday season.

But of course, the number one way you can help clients is through treatments. To help your clients get over aches, pains, and muscle tension from pressure and anxiety, BIOTONE offers a range of therapeutic massage products.  Our Relaxing Therapeutic  Massage Creme contains certified organic botanicals to reduce tension, ease stress and promote relaxation. Muscle & Joint Therapeutic Massage Creme utilizes naturally healing ingredients, including Glucosamine, to provide the ultimate massage to relieve sore joints and aching muscles. And Marine Therapy Pedi Scrub and Marine Therapy Pedi Balm, both with Rejuvenating Complex, can help get clients on their feet and ready to take on any challenge.

Consider BIOTONE Aromatherapy Massage Lotions, which are available in Bliss, Calming, Energy, Renewal, and Serenity. They can help relax and quiet the mind and body as well as lift and invigorate the spirit.

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