Six ways to foster a healthy workplace environment at your spa or massage practice


Our industry is all about health and wellness, so the last thing you would ever want to do is foster a workplace environment that is anything but positive. Not only do employees suffer when there are tension, pressure, and sniping, clients do, too. Unhappy employees don’t give clients their best.

A healthy work environment begins with you. Even if you aren’t the cause of workplace problems, you may be inadvertently sanctioning them. Not every business owner likes confrontation, and if you are one of them, you might be waiting for things to sort themselves out. They rarely do. Avoiding the problem is the same as giving it the green light to continue.

Rather than wait for issues to come up, which they invariably do when people, even well-intended ones, work together, here are things to do to foster a healthy environment at your spa or massage practice.

Encourage communication

Promote communication between your team members. Start with your own open-door policy so that your staff feels comfortable coming to you with issues. When you convey your willingness to listen, you set an example for others to talk to each other to work out problems. Be particularly sensitive to hierarchies. Even junior employees should feel that they have a say with their managers.

Empower employees

Often complaints come from staff feeling they have no power or authority to make decisions. Once you make your expectations known, whether the issue is about managing the front desk, or treating customers when they come in for a massage, let employees operate with independence. Keep an eye on operations but if things are going well, then step aside. Empowered employees are more content and perform at their highest level.

Accept input

Listen to the ideas of your team members. You probably will get good recommendations for improving operations or customer services. Give the ideas that seem right a try. You’ll be showing your team that you rely on their judgment. You’ll find staff will be even more invested in their work.

Show appreciation

Everyone wants to feel appreciated. Tell someone when they have done a good job or develop an idea for marketing or retail sales or how to make changes to the website to make it more attractive and inviting to visitors. Consider giving out a small gift – a gift certificate, day off, or tickets to a movie or play when someone does something that makes a difference.

Promote a healthy work-life balance

Encourage your team members to take breaks, use their vacation time and spend time away from work pursuing activities that interest and entertain them for a happier state of mind.

Have fun

Plan fun activities in and out of the office. Have a pizza party one night or go out for dinner with your team. Create opportunities for your team to understand each other better to foster understanding when things get off track.


Great employees are golden. Create a positive work environment and watch them shine.

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