It’s time for a Healthy focus on Breasts


As the official month of National Breast Cancer Awareness, October is all about the chest.  Protecting them, saving them, and taking care of them.  It’s also about respecting them and the boundaries they generate in the treatment room. I can’t remember when the topic of massaging the mammaries wasn’t a little fraught with debate. Do you or don’t you?  I am taking the opportunity in October to focus on the wellness of the breast and its cancer. 

Several therapists and clinics are promoting a whole host of treatment protocols for breast health.  Chopra Center is a notable one.  They all involve client education and respectful touch. There is a gold mine of information and research on the importance of massage and lymphatic work for the breasts, how they look, feel, and how we feel about them.  It’s as much a part of our wellbeing as any other part of the body. So depending on the laws of your State and your own level of training and experience, I encourage you to highlight breast massage as part of your practice and reclaim it as part of our healthcare tradition.

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 You can offer a special breast health protocol with whatever training you possess; check out the book Breast Massage by Debra Curtis.  Utilize body wraps featuring European Rose Mud or try out some of the detoxifying options. Biotone has quite a few protocol suggestions on their website. I recommend you consider:

Dare to Bare; Pomegranate and Cranberry Perfection and Radiant Rosy Body Buff.

I plan to feature a variation of the Purifying Back Treatment.  My version will encompass the whole torso, including the chest.  Here’s a tip – anytime I perform a body mask, I always give the client an option to take matters into their own hands and apply it to their breasts themselves.

Lagniappe: Provide a massage oil option that has been customized specifically to support breast health. One of my favorites is from the Tisserand Institute:

14 drops Lemon EO

5 drops Copaiba EO

4 drops Palmarosa EO

3 drops Sandalwood EO

3 drops Bergamont EO


Mix with 1oz Rosehip oil and 1oz Evening Primrose oil


Wellness Education

For those situations when professional mammary manipulation is not desirable, advisable, or even practical, you can still teach clients self-care. I often demonstrate on myself over my work attire or on my skeleton. Provide information or cheat sheets on self-care techniques.  Also, there is information readily available for distribution on your social media on breast health and cancer prevention topics.  Share reminders, tips, and even a little humor on how to take care of ourselves.  Here are some examples of what I am collecting:

“Remember, breasts don't sag as we get older. They relax.” ― Marty Klein.

“Get in the habit, right after you let the girls out, to allow them to move a little to encourage fluid movement and a lighthearted spirit.” ― Kelli Lene 

Be well, Do good work and Practice what you preach.

“We cannot nurture others fully or well unless we also nurture ourselves”- Susun Weed

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