Give Special Thanks to Clients During the Holidays


It’s been a struggle for many spas and massage studios this year because of the pandemic. But now that your business has reopened; you no doubt are feeling thankful that you got through this challenging time.  So, it seems appropriate, especially with Thanksgiving just around the corner, to show your gratitude to clients who have returned after the lockdown.

Start by saying thank you after a session or in an email follow-up. People don’t forget even small gestures, which can go a long way in building a lasting bond.  You also stand out as a service provider for demonstrating your appreciation for client patronage.

While a simple thank you will be valued by clients, go the extra distance to show how much you appreciate their loyalty and business.  Here are some other ways to give thanks to clients.

Hand written note:  Especially in today’s highly digital world, a hand written thank you note really stands out. In all cases, writing a note makes the recipient feel appreciated and in turn even more inclined to want to do business with you.  Because of this simple gesture, you and your business will long be remembered by the recipient and that can lead to repeat business and referrals, potential partners or even business advice when you need it. Your note should include:

  • A greeting that includes the recipient’s name
  • A few lines thanking your client for their business
  • Indicate how much their business or help means to your spa or massage practice
  • Include a call to action. Offer a discount for the next treatment or a special gift with retail purchase
  • End your note with sincerely or best regards and sign it

Free add-on services: Add a service free of charge to a therapeutic massage, such as a foot or neck massage. You also might want to offer a foot scrub, back scrub or aromatherapy. You additionally could give out a coupon for “extra time” for the next scheduled massage.

Personalize the experience: One size doesn’t fit all and it shouldn’t. Every client has unique needs. The more you know about your client, the more you can personalize the service by using products that contain ingredients they like and playing their favorite music during a session.

Gift certificate contest:  Gift certificate giveaways not only gain enthusiasm from clients, but they are also a good way to promote brand awareness for your spa or massage studio, build loyalty and even gain extra revenue. Customers tend to spend more than the value of their gift certificate.[1] You can set up your own rules for entry into the giveaway, such as one contest entry per visit or an entry for signing up for your email list or blog. Set the timeline and indicate how many certificates you are giving away during the contest and in what amounts.

Discounts for referrals: Word of mouth continues to be the one of most effective ways to get new business. It’s surprising how few people ask for referrals considering satisfied clients would most likely be delighted to give you a referral. But don’t take referrals for granted. Reward clients for them. Everyone loves a discount. Some of your clients may be very enthusiastic about referrals if you tie them to a discount for a treatment. You might even want to establish a rewards type of program so that after a certain number of referrals, a client gets a free treatment of their choice. Use your social channels to let clients know about your referral rewards program.

Indirect ways to say thank you to clients

Ask for input: Nothing is more flattering than asking someone for their input. You can send out a survey to ask clients what they like about your spa or massage studio and to recommend ways you can improve. Also periodically ask clients for feedback during treatment times. Circle back to clients and let them know how you plan to use their recommendations.

Promote clients: On your website or in your social media channels, showcase clients who agree to participate of course. Customer testimonials are of great value to your spa or massage practice, but you also can help clients promote their business or special passion by showcasing them in your promotional efforts.

Stay in touch: Keep up contact in between visits with an email newsletter to let clients know what’s new at your spa or massage studio. Include advice for good skin care and health as well as information on trends in the marketplace. If you see an article online that you know would be of interest to a client, send them the link or a PDF. You also can copy an article you find in print and mail it. The gesture indicates you have your client’s best interests at heart.

Include client appreciation into your marketing and client retention strategy and you’ll find that clients show their gratitude by staying with you for a long time and referring others.


[1] Woodard, Kevin, “With Gift Cards, Consumers Are Spending Much More Thank the Gift Amount,” Digital Transactions, November 8, 2017.
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