Wrapping Up Your Gift Certificate Promotion


Now is the time to start promoting your gift certificates in earnest.  But to be honest, I have a problem with GC’s since most of them are bought for clients who already visit regularly.  Hmmm.  What is a sole practitioner (or clinic) to do?  The first thing is to create a promotion that encourages people to buy certificates that allow them to try something new and enhance the sessions they already schedule.   The second is to consider what would appeal to clients by looking at the trends.   Third, give them price options.

In the past, I have offered a VIP program that included monthly featured spa treatments like the torso, hand/ foot, and scalp treatments. This year I am offering a featured body wrap of the month.   This promotion meets all three of my key points. First of all, it is a treatment that stands alone but is actually a great prelude to a massage session. Second, the trend that inspires me is the floating centers opening all across the country.  Although I can’t afford a float tank, I can help provide similar benefits such as: 

  1. An experience that is novel and familiar. We use a swaddling wrap exactly like those used to calm infants by making them feel safe.
  2. It’s a screen detox.  We all need a break from our devices.
  3. Just like Savasana (corpses pose) in Yoga, lying still for 15 – 20 minutes can give you some precious feedback on areas that need attention and deepens relaxation with adapted neutral positions.
  4. It’s more than skin deep.  But it’s really, really good for the skin because of the products we use in the dry wrap version and the steaming that comes from the hot herbal options.
  5. Provides a gentler version of REST (restricted environmental stimulation technique), promoting deeper relaxation and restoration.

Third, I can offer it singularly or in three, six, and twelve group samplers.  Perfect for every budget. I don’t have the space to go over the point by point how-tos but check out Biotone’s website for excellent coaching and ideas. 


I can tell you that all of my wraps:

- Can be performed in a dry room setting with minimal clean-up and really reasonable product cost.  

- Basically, use the same swaddling or “burrito” style wrapping technique

- Start with an exfoliation step, i.e., dry brushing, salt glow, or polish. 


Some of my wraps:

- Will be herbal wraps where the linen sheets are soaked in an herbal tincture before they are wrapped around the body

- Will involve applying a cream base such as Biotone Massage Butter or Body Luxe Hydrating Mask that is enhanced with the Spa Customizing Complexes.  Ie. Detoxifying, Relaxing, Sore Muscle Relieving, and Milk and Honey (yum) directly to the body then wrapped to enhance absorption.

- Will utilize the Biotone’s Body Muds that I can customize with essential oil synergies.  These muds are designed for easy application and removal.  You can use warm towels to take it off or rub them in like a massage medium. 

I am looking forward to this promotion because I am looking forward to the creativity, satisfaction, and enjoyment I get from sharing these treatments.  I highly recommend that those of you who have taken spa technician classes consider offering wraps as a premium upgrade, and let’s get the mudslinging started.


Be well, Do good work, and write to us about your favorite wrap.

P.S.  I will be featuring the Detox wrap in January.


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