Follow-up strategies to get repeat spa and massage therapy client business

Are you waiting by the phone for clients to call and rebook a spa or massage therapy appointment? Please don’t wait for clients to make the first move, whether they are first-timers or have been part of your client roster for some time. Be proactive and get in touch.


You can call or send them an email or direct mail piece to maintain mindshare. However, whatever you do, make the outreach more impactful than simply “touching base.” Your message should aim to keep the momentum going. That’s why you want to make sure that you always add value. While it’s fine to indicate how much you appreciate a client’s business, here are other approaches to take:


Continue customer support after the session

Make your call or email all about the client. Follow up to ask how the client is doing. Inquire if they have any questions about their treatment or what they should do to extend session benefits in-between visits. Your outreach should convey that you are always there to be of help.


Reiterate treatment value

You’ve probably learned a lot about the client’s need in your intake interview. Use that information to emphasize why repeat treatments will be of value or suggest other treatments that can augment some of the basics. Please encourage them to call you to discuss further the benefits of the skin treatments or massage therapies you recommend.



Please share any information you have from a recent news article about an industry trend or a research report with clients as a way to both educate them and also emphasize the value of the treatments you suggest. By providing clients with educational materials, you are offering impartial third-party validation about your recommendations.


Try something personal

If you know a client is celebrating a special event, such as a birthday or anniversary, changing jobs, or even going on a much-needed vacation, drop a note or call to extend your best wishes. You might want to offer a special gift, such as a sample of a new retail product that you feel would be appropriate in light of the occasion.


Update them about your business

If you are expanding services, adding new personnel, including someone who may have a specialty that would be appropriate for their needs, or added a new location, get in touch. Clients like to know that companies they are doing business with are doing well. Don’t hesitate to spread the news.


Offer an incentive

Think about offering a special discount or a client to encourage them to try a new service or rebook for a treatment they have had before. Sometimes clients need an incentive to return. Even if they were thinking about rebooking, an incentive could get them to do so sooner.

Sometimes clients need a reminder to rebook.  These are some ways to make your follow up impactful and get the repeat business you seek.

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