How to effectively use text marketing for your spa or massage practice

Consumers are spending over four hours a day on mobile devices. The fact that one sixth of the day is spent interacting with mobile devices just shows how much consumers have come to depend on them to interact with each other, stay informed, enjoy a range of entertainment and shop.

With the increasing dependence on mobile devices, it should be no surprise that text messaging is becoming more and more popular. In the U.S. alone, six billion text messages are sent each month, according to marketing firm betwext texting. And text isn’t only for friends to keep in touch. More and more companies are adopting text as part of their marketing campaigns and consumers are just fine with that. The Bulldog Reporter says that research indicates 9 out of 10 consumers want to use text messaging to communicate with brands.

Getting started

If you aren’t already using text as part of your outreach to spa and massage practice clients, you’ll want to consider it. Text messages have an open rate of 98 percent; email marketing by comparison has a 22 percent open rate, reports Mobile Marketing Watch.

Text messages can focus on:

To be most effective:

Keep the message simple: A text message has a limit of 160 characters so don’t try to convey too much information in one.  It’s also best to focus on one point per SMS and when the message is for marketing, make it compelling.

Inspire action in your text:  Using an action word at the beginning of your message keeps the copy lively and encourages the recipient to act. For example, when your message is marketing oriented; use words like buy or save. Also keep your sentences short so recipients don’t get lost trying in a lot of descriptive copy.

Timing is everything: Don’t text late at night; it’s inconsiderate. Some say it’s best to text mid to late afternoon toward the end of the workday when people are more inclined to focus on a message.

Consider frequency:  No one wants to receive texts all the time. Let clients know how often you will be messaging them. Two to four times a month should be the limit. More than that and there’s a good chance clients will start to feel annoyed.

Abide by the law

As effective as text marketing can be, you can only text to clients who have agreed to opt in to receive your messages. According to FCC rules, consent for commercial text messaging must be in writing and cannot be given verbally. You can collect the signature electronically through email, website forms, kiosk, text messaging and so forth.  Clients also can opt in by texting a keyword to your short code to give you permission.

There are a number of software platforms you can use for your text marketing campaigns. A list of several of them is available at

Text marketing can be effective way to reach clients and increase sales.  And considering that you are texting clients and prospects who opt in, you know your messages are of value them.

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