I’ve Got Your Back


Everyone needs someone who has their back. For my clients, I am that person.  For that reason and my massage techniques, I have always incorporated torso treatments in my protocols.  It is an easy way to introduce clients (especially males) to the world of therapeutic spa. And it’s a great way to nurture clients a little - which is one of the most important components to client retention.

The back is a vital area that gets little notice from its owner unless it becomes a source of discomfort and dysfunction. On top of neglect, clients actually abuse the area with environmental factors like sun, wind, and chemicals, i.e., chlorine.  How many of your aging clients don’t really “see” anything unless it’s right in front of them or can’t successfully exfoliate areas that aren’t right in front of them.  When you factor in how many males are getting waxing and laser treatments, you are getting significant numbers of people who need a little TLC and an extra set of eyes on their backside.

Speaking of eyes…..If I notice anything that catches my attention, I ask clients if they would like me to take a picture of it with their phone to see and save it for reference.  I have found ticks, suspicious spots, growths, bruises, spider bites……. and glitter (I did not ask questions)

My challenge to you is, at the very least, to include a five-minute express exfoliation treatment with warm towel removal as a complementary enhancement.  Offer the upgrade service of a traditional Torso Treatment that will take 25 minutes (15 if you work the legs while the mask is working.) 


Basic Torso Treatment that I teach and use


Products:                                                                Example of Biotone Choices:

1 oz Exfoliate                                                          Micro-Buff /Sugar Polish: Soft Grain

1 oz  Mud or Hydrating Masque                          Exfoli Sea Salt Glow: Medium Grain

½ oz Finish medium                                             Marine Therapy Pedi Scrub: Course Grain


Equipment needed:

Treatment table/chair                                            Warmer

3 warmed hand towels                                         1 Bath towel

Pre-cut wrap                                                         




  1. Client Prone under the top sheet
  2. Drape to expose Torso
  3. Tuck dry bath towel in at the waist.  Place pre-cut wrap on a towel
  4. Cover Torso w/ warmed wet towel and allowed moist heat to penetrate cover with a dry bath towel.
  5. Pull back bath towel and roll up a wet towel from waist to neck.
  6. Apply to exfoliate in a circular effleurage motion (1 to 5 minutes). Watch for hyperemia
  7. Unroll towel at the neck and use to remove all exfoliate.
  8. Roll moist towel from neck to waist and allow to sit
  9. Apply warmed masque  
  10. Cover the area with precut wrap
  11. Layer a warmed wet towel, place bath towel at the waist over a moist towel on the torso and bring sheet up over towels on the back
  12. Leave for approximately 10 -15 minutes while the therapist completes the routine on gluts and both posterior legs and feet.
  13. Fold the towels back.
  14. Unroll the towel from the neck and remove the product  
  15. Follow up with a third towel to remove the rest of the product
  16. Finish with an excellent back massage.

OPTIONAL: Top the whole area with a hot pack or stones while the masque is on


I love the variety of product options I have with the Biotone Products. Make sure you take advantage of the sampling available at Biotone booths at events or order a sample kit.  Mix it up a little.   Enjoy the privilege that our profession allows us to be both technical and creative.

Next Month is all about advance options: When Farm to Table Trends includes the Massage Table!  This will be perfect if you already incorporate these protocols; are proficient at this and ready for a little excitement for you and your clients.   So practice up.  You will never experience a farmers market the same again.


Be well, Do good work, and Get ready to have some fun

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