Does Your Business Have An "Ah" Factor?


Why do clients come to your spa or massage practice? The obvious answer is your expertise to treat a problem they are having, whether it is relief from pain and anxiety through massage or improving or treating skin. But think about how you can elevate that experience to go beyond providing what clients expect. Whether your business ambiance immediately engages clients when they walk through the door or your customer service is above and beyond the usual, businesses that have an “ah” factor provide an experience that clients won’t soon forget. Better yet, they will share their enthusiasm with others to help spread the word.

Create the right ambiance

Considering, your treatments heal clients mentally as well as physically, your spa or massage practice should be a place that allows clients, even for a few hours, to escape from their day-to-day frustrations and responsibilities. Look around your establishment. Is it a standout in terms of visual appeal and comfort? If not, consider the following:


You can’t underestimate the importance of colors you choose for your spa or massage practice. Colors can influence moods and feelings positively or negatively.  Soothing colors include certain greens, blue and violets and shades like aqua, seafoam and lavender.  They promote rest and relaxation. If you want to use more vibrant warm colors, like red, yellow and orange, keep in mind that they tend to promote activity over restfulness. You also may want to consider earth tones, which are restful.


The right lighting also contributes to the ambiance that helps clients relax. Avoid bright lights, especially in treatment rooms, since they are hard on the eyes and not relaxing. Dim lights are more effective at creating a tranquil environment.


When it comes to relieving muscle and joint pain, massage may be music to a client’s ears. But why stop there. If you want to create a truly relaxing atmosphere for your massage clients, make sure that music is a key part of the experience. However, music should be in the background and not so loud or intrusive that your client thinks more about the music than the massage. 


By using different essential oil blends and aromatherapy as part of your spa or massage practice ambiance, you can contribute to the relaxing experience for clients. Aromatherapy candles made from essential plant oil emit an aroma that fills a room with a wonderful fragrance. The aromas they release also can have therapeutic value.

Provide stand out customer service

Of course, no amount of ambiance will make up for a visit that is fraught with delays, misunderstandings about desired results, poor-quality products, and your lack of focus on a client’s needs. Customer service stands out when you can:

  • Be responsive: Don’t make clients wait days until you get back to them. If they leave a message or send a text, respond as soon as possible. Responsiveness tells clients they are important to you.
  • Personalize the experience. From your hands on approach to the types of products and ingredients you use and the at-home products you recommend, make the experience unique to the needs of each client. Talk to clients about the kinds of ingredients they like and try to incorporate them into treatments.
  • Deal with complaints: Pay attention to complaints in person and online. Even if you think the complaint isn’t valid, hear what the client has to say. Just acknowledging a client’s complaint can go a long way toward building trust.
  • Follow through: If you offer to do something, follow through. You build trust when you follow through on an offer or promise. 

Your spa or massage practice will stand out when you create an “ah” experience. Clients leave with positive memories and will be enthusiastic about coming back.

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