How cultivating your intuition can help your spa or massage practice grow


Intuition can be a strong guiding force. Who hasn’t experienced walking into a room and sensed something isn’t right? By the same token, intuition can lead you to a significant new opportunity for your spa or massage practice. The opportunity that presents itself might be to offer a new skincare service. Without analytical thinking, you know that it’s exactly what you are looking for to build your business.

In “What Is Intuition, And How Do We Use It,” Francis Cholle suggests that we need both instinct and reason to help us make the best decision. However, sometimes we are uncomfortable using our instinct to guide us because of cultural prejudices against following our “gut.” He says that “we don’t have to reject scientific logic to benefit from instinct. We can honor and call upon all of these tools, and we can seek balance.”

Since intuition can be a powerful tool in making business and personal decisions, there’s value in learning how to cultivate or enhance it.  Wiki How says that intuition develops out of repeated exposures to various situations and outcomes.   That being the case, you’ll be able to develop more intuitive knowledge about a range of situations as you open yourself up to more rich and complex experiences.

To develop your intuitive skills, here are some suggestions by Kayla Jacobs in “How to Hone Your Intuition & Attract Prosperity:”


  • Pay Attention: Sounds easy enough, but it’s a good reminder. You can get so busy dealing with the many things you need to accomplish each day to dismiss things that your inner voice is telling you. Jacobs recommends that you don’t discount a visceral reaction to a situation or a person. Flash emotions can be a powerful tool to “see the light.”
  • Listen to your body:  That gut in the pit of your stomach is your body telling you something. Take note of it. There’s a good reason that your body is trying to tell you something.
  • Ask Questions: Especially when you don’t understand why you feel the way you do about a situation, ask questions. Doing so can help you sort through your own emotions about a situation.


Other ways to boost your intuitive skills include:

Get more creative:  Get creative to free yourself from distractions and day-to-day concerns that interfere with your being more in touch with the moment.

Meditate:  You clear your mind and connect with yourself when you meditate.

Break out of your routine:  Try new things to break out of your routine. While a vacation can be a real boost to the senses, you can spend time in different surroundings right near your home. Take a long walk, visit some of the local sites, take a drive into the country, or go to the beach and give yourself time to think and take in all the stimuli around you.

Keep a journal:  Keeping a journal is a good way to record your thoughts so you can come back to them.  Fleeting thoughts may prove to be valuable at some point, so you don’t forget them.

Intuition can lead you to many new opportunities. Learn to cultivate and trust your intuition. It’s there for a reason.

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