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More Integration of Massage for Cancer Patients Needed says Study

Massage Magazine reports that a recent study found a lack of integration when it comes to massage therapy and outpatient cancer care despite recommendations from the American Society of Clinical Oncology for the use of complementary therapies, including massage. The study was originally published in the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

The study entitled “Integration of massage therapy in outpatient care” focused on 62 cancer centers associated with the National Cancer Institute (NCI).  Study researchers used a combination of content analysis and phone surveys to collect data on integrating massage for outpatients at these centers. Five factors were applied in evaluating the use of massage for outpatient care:

  • Acceptance of treatment as therapeutic
  • The institution offers treatment to patients.
  • Clinical practice guidelines in place
  • Use of evidence-based resources to inform treatment
  • Shared knowledge about treatment among health care team

Researchers found that about 18 percent (11 of the 62 centers) scored high on integrating massage for outpatients. However, close to one-third of the center (22 of the 62 programs) included no message integration.  Among the 62 centers, 34 offered a massage for cancer patients. Read more.



Cannabidiols are hot now with products for every body part

Businessweek writes that the legalization of industrial hemp and interstate transfer of hemp-derived goods is “…opening the floodgate for a legal CBD market that could surpass $20 billion by 2022, according to researcher Brightfield Group, LLC.”  A range of products available for a slew of maladies, writes Businessweek, such as anxiety, chronic back pain, menstrual cramps, post-workout muscle soreness, and even chapped list. Read more and check out BIOTONE’s new Lab+Blends line of professional and at-home care CBD products.



Massage for pets growing in demand

A survey of 1000 dog and cat owners conducted by The Michelson Found Animals Foundation, a non-profit committed to saving pets and enriching lives, found that as humans become more tech-connected and embrace alternative health practices and diets themselves, these trends are extending to their pets as well. Regarding alternative therapies, pet owners who have tried alternative therapies are likely to use them on their pets, according to survey findings.  They include:

  • Pet parents use alternative therapies to care for their pet's specific medical or behavioral conditions (68 percent), preventatively (39 percent) or following a general health care plan (38 percent).
  • More than a quarter of pets (26 percent) have experienced mobility-related therapies like massage, physical therapy, chiropractic, and acupuncture.
  • Those who have used CBD oil or hemp products with their pets have done so as part of a general health plan (45 percent), to care for an older pet (45 percent), for a specific behavioral condition (39 percent), or temporary relief such as the following surgery or on a flight (39 percent).
  • Of the one in four (24 percent) who admit they pamper their pet with therapies, they are most likely to treat their pet with aromatherapy (81 percent), reflexology (79 percent), or naturopathy (73 percent). Read more.
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