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It’s no secret that retail sales can add to your bottom line, ranging anywhere from five to 30 percent of your revenue. [1] However, retail shopping is undergoing a dramatic disruption because of the pandemic.  Many retailers first had to cope with business closures. Now re-opened, new health protocols such as masks and social distancing and fewer customers allowed on premise are changing the dynamics of in-store shopping.

But even before COVID-19, brick-and-mortar retail was in the process of a transformation due to the convenience and customization offered by online shopping. Customers expect an integrated, seamless and more personal experience such as they have come to enjoy with Amazon and other online retailers.   In response, some retailers enable mobile ordering and in-store pickup. Other retailers offer same-day delivery of products purchased in store.

The result is that retail, while a potential boon to your overall profit margin, has become more complex in this evolving customer centric world. That’s why you’ll want to revisit your retail sales strategy to maximize the opportunity provided by in-store and online sales.


Build demand for retail on-site shopping

Training your team to create a positive, personal experience for the client is the first step to successful in-store retail sales. Retail sales don’t come naturally to everyone, so you may have team members who are uncomfortable about the prospect of selling. Put your team at ease by emphasizing that client care is at the heart of the sale and retail is a logical extension of the service treatment. Role play is necessary to help them become more comfortable recommending retail following a treatment.

Next make sure your display that attracts the eye and holds a customer’s attention. If your retail displays are not attracting enough attention and sales, consider the following:

  • Every good display needs a focal point or main item or feature you want the customer to see.
  • Good lighting helps to attract customers. It makes products stand out and enhances colors.
  • Customers are drawn to colors. Use bright colors as focal points.
  • Location matters. In addition to creating a retail space near the entrance. Also consider display areas in your treatment rooms and even along highly trafficked hallways areas.


Boost online shopping

One of the first things, you’ll want to do to boost online shopping is to ensure that your website is mobile friendly for the growing number of mobile shoppers. Mobile friendly means pages are quick to load and the user interface (UI) should require as few taps as possible to get needed information. Buttons and calls to action need to be large enough so that that they are easy to find and “tap.” And to make it easy for consumer to get information on the go, the emphasis should be on visual content versus text.

Once you site is ready:

  • Leverage your social presence to let followers know about your online offerings. If you have a blog, devote periodic posts to highlight your online offerings.
  • Use email marketing to update clients and prospects on gift cards and retail items that they can purchase online.
  • Produce and promote videos through social media and email marketing of your services to encourage gift card sales as well as products.
  • Encourage reviews on review sites of your spa or massage practice to drive traffic.


When a customer is at your site, encourage purchasing.

  • Feature products specials and sales prominently on your homepage with a link to a landing page and a call to action.
  • Offer free shipping for a minimum order of retail products.
  • Create seasonal bundles of products, as appropriate.
  • Use product badges to indicate when something is new or “recommended just for you.”


If you need help with your retail planning, let us know and we can help with recommendations for BIOTONE retail products and merchandising.

[1] Schweder, Ingo and Stadnyk, Krystyna, Horwath HTL, “Spa Profitability Handbook,” January 2020.
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