How to boost gift card sales at your spa or massage practice

If you are looking for a way to boost sales at your spa and massage practice, think about offering gift cards if you don’t already. According to, over $100 billion is spent on gift cards annually, and the opportunity for increased sales doesn’t end there:


  • 72 percent of customers will spend more than the value of the gift card
  • On average, a gift card recipient will spend 20% more than their gift card value.


Offer A Range Of Point Points

One of the keys to marketing gift cards is to sell experience offers a spa business development professional in Inc. magazine article on “How to Double Your Gift Card Sales.” Think about the different types of experiences you can offer your clients and then create gift cards with several different price points. Following that strategy, you could offer massage gift cards at price points that correspond to the session's length – a half-hour, 45 minutes, or an hour. Gift cards also could include a massage and body treatment, and you might want another card that offers both services along with a retail product for at-home use.


The Inc. article also points out that budget considerations are another reason to offer gift cards with a range of price points and service options. Many of your gift card purchasers may not be your own clients, so that you won’t know a lot about their budget considerations. By offering a range of cards, you enable purchasers to personalize a gift that fits within their budget.


Launch Multiple Marketing Activities

Some ideas for marketing your spa or massage practice gift cards include:


  • Make sure your gift card reflects your spa or massage brand by using the same colors and graphics. You may want to create a special slogan for your gift card.
  • Tie your gift card to a special promotion. On a $50 gift card, you could offer a $10 discount on a therapeutic massage.
  • Start your marketing effort with your current clients by making sure everyone is aware of your gift cards, which they can purchase for holiday and special occasions or ‘just because.”
  • If you have a newsletter, make sure to include information about your gift card with a link to order online through your website or information on purchasing on-site or over the phone.
  • Create a special email campaign to promote your cards to clients and prospects.
  • Have a display at your front desk with gift cards for sale.
  • Have signs about your gift cards throughout your spa or massage practice.
  • Explore co-marketing with health providers, health clubs, and gyms.
  • Extend marketing beyond clients to their friends, families, and business associates. Hold a special event at your spa or massage practice to introduce your services and promote your gift cards simultaneously.
  • Create a “top ten reasons to give a gift certificate” campaign and post it on your social media channels and your website.
  • If you sell retail products online, offer customers an opportunity to add a gift card to their purchase.
  • Give clients gift cards as a ‘” thank you” for a referral.


These are just some ways to promote your gift cards? What have you done to promote them at your spa or massage practice?

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