Why your spa or massage practice employment brand is important in attracting talent

Just as your spa or massage practice promise or brand is important to your clients; it’s equally critical in attracting top talent. As Robert Burley writes in “Creating and Marketing an Employment Brand to Attract Talent,” recruiting is about connecting with candidates on a practical, emotional and aspirational level. For that reason, Burley advises that your employment brand should factor in several things. Among them:

  • The promise should be grounded in reality. If your promise isn’t grounded in reality, you may end up hiring employees that don’t fit and who ultimately leave.
  • Your employment brand also needs to work with your overall spa or massage practice brand. If your brand is built around outstanding customer service, you want to find employees who share that passion.
  • Your brand also should appeal to candidates on an aspirational level. It’s not always enough to provide good salaries and benefits. Candidates are looking for a way to make a difference in the world through their career choices. If spa or massage practice has a volunteer spirit and provides massage to underserved communities, you’ll want that message to be part of your employment brand.


Convey A Broad Message

Job seekers will check out several sources to find out about your spa or massage practice. Be sure that your job postings on whatever online or print sources you use include information about your mission, culture, and the type of work environment you provide. Your website career section also should reflect your employment brand.


Use video to showcase your messages

 If you have a YouTube channel, create some videos with employees, who in addition to demonstrating the different types of massage or skin treatments you offer, communicate messages about your company philosophy and mission.


Leverage Social Media

 Use your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter accounts, and other social networks to advertise job openings. Also, use social media to make announcements about your spa or massage practice regarding new hires, expanded services, volunteer work in the community, partnerships, and any other news or announcements that help candidates understand your company values and what drives your business.


Apply for Awards

 If your community has “Best Places to Work” awards, apply for one. Also, look for other types of business awards for best small business, best customer service, or leadership. When you win an award, make an announcement on social media, post something on your website, include the message in recruitment ads and posts, and send out a press release to local business press and trade magazines.


Use Current Employees as Ambassadors

If you have a monthly newsletter, highlight an employee each month talking about what it means to work at your spa or massage practice. If your employees attend training classes and seminars, prepare them to talk about your employment brand to others looking for work or changing jobs.


Attracting the right talent is critical to your spa or massage practice. Ensure that your employment brand stands to attract the type of professionals and administrative staff that makes your business stand out.


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