Why Use Retinol for Anti-Aging

There are quite many misunderstandings about retinol in the beauty industry. So we decided to shed some light on it.
It’s a magical ingredient whose benefits hundreds of millions of people are recognizing. At True Result we use it in our beauty products to provide retinol active skincare, and know exactly how it helps your skin cells stay fresh and young.
Let’s see what it is and how it can help you.
What is Retinol exactly?
Retinol is the technical name for vitamin A. It can be found in plenty of foods such as dairy products, fish, egg yolks, butter, and more.
You can also see it in dietary products, usually targeting people with vitamin A deficiency.
The areas in which this vitamin benefits the body are the following:
- Immune system health;
- Bone growth;
- Improved vision;
- Repairing tissues;
- Lowering cholesterol;
- Muscle growth;
- Reproduction;
And more.
As for skin care, vitamin A, or retinol, does this:
- Keeping radicals away;
- Moisture retention;
- Stimulating fibroblasts;
- Healing damaged skin;
- Fighting skin cancer.
How is it used for anti-aging?
In addition to all that was mentioned above, retinol also produces collagen. This is directly related to less wrinkles and younger-looking skin.
The cell damage prevention function of that magical vitamin is what makes it a fantastic ingredient for anti-aging products.
Those in their 20s and 30s see immediate results in skin tone, improved texture, and less wrinkles. When used for extended periods of time, however, it can literally make you look young and slow down the aging process.
That happens mainly due to retinol’s ability to produce collagen, reverse the sign of sun damage, and block the appearance of pigmentation and age spots.
If you haven’t used a skincare product with retinol yet, you might want to add it to your beauty routine. But choosing the right one for you is essential. Luckily, True Results makes it easier for you.
Finding the right retinol product for your skin
Dermatologists recommend this as their #1 anti-aging ingredient. It’s clinically-proven to reverse the aging process. 97% of those who use it see less wrinkles around their eyes in a month, while shocking 100% state their skin is brighter and more radiant.
A retinol product must be applied daily, everywhere on your face, including the area around your eyes. Also, you need to make sure it’s produced by a trustworthy brand, not just somebody offering you low quality ingredients and tempting you with their cheap prices.
Our clients share the improvement they see in as little as 4-8 weeks after using ourRetinol Active Skincare System.
We know it’s not always easy to start using a new beauty product and turn it into a daily habit. So aside from wanting you to know how beneficial retinol is, we also want to make it easier for you to start applying it. That’s why we’re offering a Starter Kit, for those who are eager to give retinol products a try, but haven’t yet used it.
The True Results 3-step Age Reverse Kit is for those who are finally ready to take better care of their skin, who see the first signs of aging and want to fight them, who’ve damaged their skin cells by excessive sun exposure and lack of cleansing over the years.
The kit includes a facial cleanser to remove your makeup, moisturize and restore the skin. The second product is the night cream that will help you enhance the tone of your skin and avoid wrinkles, and all that while you’re sleeping. Last but not least, you receive a sun protection cream you can apply before you go out, that will hydrate you deeply and will prevent any future sun damage.


Your skin won’t get better if you don’t do something about it. Luckily, with the advancement of technology, we can be sure about the amazing abilities of retinol, find the right product with that ingredient for us, and start applying it knowing it’s what experts recommend and what science has proven to work.