A 6-Step Beauty Morning Ritual

Our well-being is a result of our good habits. We need to develop these as soon as possible and make time for them daily.
Your skin is one area you can create a morning ritual to make sure it’s brighter every week.
But what to do exactly? Here’s how to prioritize the beauty of your skin by making it a permanent part of your lifestyle:
Wake up 20 minutes earlier
You won’t see progress without a tiny sacrifice like that. We understand you might not be a morning person, but if you try and squeeze the steps we’ll share below into your current morning routine, you’ll end up stressing out, being in a hurry and simply not having time for anything else.
The best you can do is extend your morning and dedicate that extra period of time to your skin. In a week, you won’t feel like you’re sleeping less. But these 20 minutes are key to start the day right, be at ease, and know everything’s under control.

Drink a glass of water
Now that you’re awake, it’s time to get your body and mind going too. The healthiest option for that is a glass of water. If you’re looking to add some vitamins, you can also drink it warm and with a lemon.
So, why water first thing in the morning? Because your body is dehydrated after not receiving it for 8 hours straight. It will help your digestion and blood circulation. What’s more, your skin is made up of cells that contain water. The moment they get access to more of it, they are rejuvenated and function better.
You might not be used to drinking a whole glass right after bed, but know it will maintain the balance of fluids in your body and will remove some toxins out of the system.

Wash your face
The skincare part of your beauty morning ritual begins with the simple act of splashing water on your face. That removes bacteria and dirt from the surface and prepares it for the next step, including deeper cleansing.
Have a soft towel nearby so that you dry your face with it afterward. Make sure the water isn’t too cold or warm.
Washing your face like that will remove the puffiness, and you’ll look fresher and wide awake once you’re done.
Now that you’ve hydrated the skin externally and internally, it’s time to move onto the next step.

Apply toner
Next, grab a cotton pad and apply toner (preferably without any alcohol or additives in it, and only natural ingredients). Use it for your face but also your neck.
It will balance the skin's pH and remove the oily secretion that was formed while sleeping.


What most people do wrong is skipping this step. But moisturizing is an essential part of the whole routine.
Get a moisturizer that’s made for your skin type, and apply it gently. Massage your face with your fingers when putting it on to ensure it reaches all areas and penetrates the skin.
Assuming you’re about to go out in an hour or so, it’s a good idea to use a product with a higher SPF to protect your skin from the damage of the sun.
You can check out the facial moisturizer by True Results. We combined it with wrinkle-fighting ingredients so you can not only keep your skin smooth, non-greasy, and hydrated during the day but also let it stay young.

Have some proteins
End your morning beauty ritual with a nutritious breakfast, and your skin will thank you for it.
Some foods are proven to contribute to a better complexion and shinier skin. Such as proteins, for instance. We need them for tissue repair. Your skin, together with your muscles, hair, nails, etc., are made of protein. By consuming this first thing in the morning, you’ll be encouraging new tissue creation.
Don’t skip veggies. Add a small portion to your protein meal. It would be best if you had their nutrients for glowing skin.
Let the beverage be green tea. It’s filled with antioxidants and lowers the levels of the hormone responsible for acne. It’s also proven to slow cell damage. Add to that the caffeine it contains, and you’ll do quite well if you manage to replace your morning coffee with a cup of green tea.

In Conclusion

Now you know the exact steps to take every morning to improve your skin condition and let your whole well-being benefit from it.
You don’t need to follow all the steps above starting tomorrow morning. It shouldn’t feel overwhelming, or like you’re completing yet another unpleasant task. If that happens, you’ll avoid the whole beauty ritual.
So start with a small step, by simply washing your face and applying moisturizer. Please do it for a week, start waking up earlier and have a glass of water with lemon to hydrate the skin internally.

Every time you do it, remind yourself of the benefits. You’re helping your cells rejuvenate and your skin be fresh for the whole day. Others will notice your sparkling eyes instead of puffy ones as usual