User Generated Content Strengthens your Engagement with Spa and Massage Practice Clients


It can be challenging to develop a steady stream of content for the social marketing channels you maintain for your spa or massage practice. But the good news is that you don’t have to create all that content on your own. You’ve got the potential for endless content from clients and fans or followers.


What makes “user-generated content” (UGC) so valuable – in addition to helping you fill your social media channels – is that clients and followers trust it. According to a 2012 study from Nielsen, a leading global provider of information and consumer insights, 92% of consumers worldwide say they trust earned media, such as word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends and family, above all other forms of advertising. Online consumer reviews are the second most trusted form of advertising, with 70 percent of global consumers surveyed online, indicating they trust this platform, increasing by 15 percent in four years.


Because of the confidence fans and followers have in UGC, you’ll find they will spend even more time on your site and social media channels sharing and supporting each other. This strong engagement helps build the brand recognition of your spa or massage practice, leading to more clients and encouraging current ones to purchase more of your treatments and retail product offerings.


Ways to Generate UGC

There are many ways you can generate USG, through a range of incentives, campaigns, or simply by asking for it to help your spa or massage practice marketing efforts. Here are some suggestions from Social Media Today in “How to Use User Generated Content.”



For example, hold a competition to provide tips on the best ways to extend spa or massage treatments at home in-between visits. You might even want to make it a photo contest. Host the competition on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or all of them. During the contest, post some of the entries on your social media channels. The winning entry can get some retail products or several free treatments, whatever you choose.



This is the same general idea as a competition, but rather than just rewarding the “best” photo, reward anyone who contributes content. For example, you could give a discount coupon or gift card to anyone who submits quality content. Sometimes recognition is enough. You can tell your followers that if you feel their content – tips, at-home treatment recipes, etc. – is good enough, you’ll feature it on your website with their name.


Just Ask

From time to time, ask your fans to post themselves using your products, ask for a guest post for your blog, or a review of your products or services. Although this might not generate the same excitement as a competition, it is still a great way to get UGC.


You can also get good user content to reuse in your campaigns by starting conversations on your social media channels. Ask questions that invite opinion or observations and ask for feedback on comments on content that you post on your blog or web pages. When you get the input you like, ask if you can share it on your other social channels.


Your users have a lot to say. Take advantage of that and encourage their commentary, conversation, and creativity.

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