Treat client joint and muscle pain with Comfrey


It’s safe to say that Comfrey has “stood the test of time.” The herb has been used medicinally for over 2000 years based on references found in canonized texts from the early Jews and Greek historians even before that. [1] Still if anyone doubts the healing powers of comfrey, consider this. The herb’s original name knitbone is derived from the external use of poultices of its leaves and roots to heal burns, sprains and bruises.[2]

Comfrey is generally used topically in salves and lotions because of its anti-inflammatory properties, which provide relief from joint and muscle pain and speed up the healing process for bruises and contusions. Studies find that rosmarinic acid, found in the roots of the Comfrey plant, is an effective remedy for pain relief and inflammatory disorders. [3] Comfrey also contains allantoin, which promotes cellular regeneration to supports wound healing.

Topically because of its high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds as well as vitamin C, when applied to the skin, Comfrey can help alleviate the symptoms and reduce irritation from skin conditions such as eczema. [4]

Here’s a treatment that uses Lab+Blends 700 mg CBD Massage Oil that contains Comfrey as a key ingredient.

Table Thai Massage

Stretch, relax and energize your clients with a dynamic Thai massage. Here is a sequence of traditional Thai massage techniques covering Supine, Prone, and Side-lying positions, and practitioner’s body mechanics


  • Lab+Blends 700 mg CBD Massage Oil ..........1/2 oz – 1 oz


Supine – Double Leg Sequence

  1. Palm press arches of feet
  2. Traction, Check leg length and hip rotation
  3. Palm press up lower legs
  4. Palm circle knee caps
  5. Palm press up Quads to ASIS

Supine – Single Leg Sequence

  1. Foot/ankle circles
  2. Plantar/dorsiflexion with traction
  3. Foot twist with leg traction and hip rotation
  4. Knee flexion check
  5. Thumb lines on shin and calf
  6. Hip flexion, hip rotation check
  7. Hip flex with opposite-thigh palm press
  8. Tree pose leg palm press and elbow press
  9. ITB and Glute Medius palm press in internal hip rotation
  10. Glute Medius stretch – leg crossover twist
  11. Hamstring stretch and thumb pluck the ‘strings’
  12. Adductor palm press and stretch
  13. Bicycle – foot walk on hamstrings
  14. 123 Automatic – Hamstring attachment foot press
  15. Quad traction
  16. Palm press lateral leg
  17. Make nice, jostle, chop chop, brush it out
  18. Repeat on other side

Supine – Arm

  1. Palm press inside and outside of arm
  2. Thumb circle lines on forearm
  3. Thumb circle the wrist
  4. Thumb circle hand to each fingertip
  5. Palm press Pectorals – pin and stretch
  6. Lateral stretch with arm up alongside ear
  7. Scapula traction
  8. Points on lateral and medial scapula
  9. Triceps stretch and thumb press10. Arm traction
  10. Repeat on other side

Prone – Back

  1. Palm press up back 3 X (light, medium, deep)
  2. “Thumb chasing thumb” lines 1, 2, 3 on the back
  3. Elbow press along the lines for deeper work
  4. Lateral lines - Serratus Anterior, Latissimus, Teres, Infraspinatus
  5. Elbow press over shoulder – Levator Scapula, Traps, Supraspinatus

Prone – Pelvic girdle – Single side

  1. Fist roll the Glutes
  2. Knee flexion check
  3. Hip rotation with Gluteal compressions
  4. Water pump – palm press posterior ITB
  5. Palm press at Sacrum with across-table twist
  6. Repeat on other site

Supine – Neck Work

  1. Cradle head and explore gentle ROM (roll, tilt, rotate)
  2. Finger circle lines 1 and 23. Thumb circle/press line
  3. Scalenes
  1. Finger circle/cross-fiber Suboccipitals
  2. Finger circle around the ear and scalp
  3. Finger press and hold on Occiput
  4. Facial points



  1. Twist and fix proper position
  2. Palm press legs
  3. Forearm roll Glutes
  4. Elbow-point circle Glute attachments
  5. Arm extension stretch
  6. Shoulder rotation with scapula thumb/finger press
  7. Shoulder/neck traction
  8. Lateral stretch – arm alongside ear
  9. Palm press lateral trunk/ribcage
  10. Pectoralis nerve stretch
  11. Toe press under scapula
  12. Hip extension with knee support and palm press on Glute
  13. Repeat on other side
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