Time Well Spent


Time Well Spent is my business's name, my promise to my clients, and it’s my measuring stick. For example, before I introduce a product or protocol into my treatment room, it must add value and effectiveness to my clients' time. It’s a simple and tangible appraisal system.


Having followed this principle for more than 20 years, you could say it defines my practice and is responsible for its intrinsic value. Intrinsic value can refer to many things, including ethics, philosophy, and my personal favorite, which is internally true and genuine – a basic and essential feature that makes it what it is.


Unlike other forms of valuation, intrinsic value is measured by how you and others perceive your practice's worthiness. For example: Does your practice fulfill you? Does it challenge you? Do you provide services relevant to your clients? May I suggest that you join me in my annual accessing these worthwhile questions at the New Year?


Here are some simple ways I have added value (perceived and actual).

Offer Layered Services

Start your prone segment with a back treatment.
Start your supine segment of massage with the application of hot foot/hand treatments
Consider adding scalp treatments to your protocols; they are yummy.
Perform your body wraps first. Massage the head while the client is wrapped


Integrate Therapeutic Modalities

Utilize warming components to relax an area before you work on it
Finish specific work with cooling modalities
Use tools that are fun and creative i.e.spa, bamboo, shells, and cupping
Stay up with the easy trends in addition to keeping your core education up to date.
If at all possible, provide quality retail – yes, it’s a valuable modality.
Consider the benefits of providing chair massage options.


Prioritize Customization

Use aromatherapy to customize massage mediums for the client’s enjoyment and needs.
Offer an assortment of massage mediums to assist types of work and client skin needs.
Utilize analgesics, both cooling and warming options, to further the benefit of treatments
Mix in mediums that have various textures like polishes and muds


Plan Your Sensoryscape

Be vigilant about the quality of everything a client touches.
Control what your client smells from the moment they open your door
Have a wide variety of music available for clients to choose from
Make sure that your refreshments support the overall sensory story you are providing.
Add an Air Filtration system to ensure a clean base.


Give Lagniappe

Supply a jewelry cleaner pod for the client to soak their valuables during massage
Display a variety of reading glasses for the client to use, just like ink pens
Offer an herbal tea station.
Spritz a refreshing aromatherapy spray in the client’s shoes
Be generous with clients, the community & colleagues purely for the pleasure of it.


Keep Meticulous Client Records

Treatment plans
Modality maps
Likes and Dislikes: music, treatments, sensory input, queries
Celebrations and Challenges follow up.

Some of these items I already execute faithfully, some I am adding, and some I am honestly struggling with (i.e., recordkeeping)


I am very proud of our profession's progress, and I’m very optimistic about our future. I aim to learn from each other, and the time we share is always Time Well Spent. Now it’s your turn to reveal what your professional priorities are for 2012.


Take care, Do good work, and Write often


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