Tie it together: Give your Clients What They Need When They Need It!


I have always been invested in improving the value of my services by fine tuning my client's experience. In the last year it has become my priority to ensure client retention by increasing the relevance of their sessions. To be relevant is to provide meaningful services that meet your client's needs when they need them the most. For those of us who incorporate therapeutic spa, it's an opportunity to guide our clients into taking our services from an indulgence to a necessity.


Let's say my client has decided to make a lifestyle change. I can dig into my toolbox of ways to help maximize their goals, perhaps suggesting an aromatherapy wrap as a perfect enhancement to further support their progress as part of their massage.


I can take this uncomplicated protocol and adapt it to my client's needs by first actively listening to them and then choosing an appropriate complex. For example, dietary changes -incorporate a detoxification wrap; a new work out regime - sore muscle relief wrap; reaching their weight loss goal - a wrap with firming complex.


Finally, when they are dealing with a lot of stress at work and concerned they may lose focus, I can support them with a stress relief wrap.


Making our sessions relevant is much more than just giving a great massage and having an extensive spa menu. It's about really listening to our clients and then skillfully combining treatments to both enhance their experience and meet their ongoing needs. Taking the extra time and care to compile personalized care for our clients will let them know their needs are important to us, and we then become important to them.


I look forward to hearing from everyone, and what you have done that has been successful.

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